PETA’s Fur is a Drag campaign steps over the line

PETA's new ad. Taken from

PETA's new ad. Photo from

Oh, PETA. I know you must have selected someone new to run your advertising campaigns because they just keep getting more ridiculous. First you had a commercial banned from the Super Bowl because it was too scandalous, and now, you have decided that fur is a drag, literally.

According to MTVU UK: “The London party [for the new Fur is a Drag campaign] will feature a parody of a fur runway show, cross-dressing models will be sporting fur clothing that will be accessorised with paint and animal traps.”

Other PETA supporters have began supporting the campaign in other ways. On The PETA Files blog, men said they dressed as “silly” as possible, and by “silly” they meant “as women,” and wore fur as part of their cross-dressing to illustrate the sillyness.

So what I am gathering from all of this is that wearing fur is as ridiculous as cross-dressing. 

And while I understand what PETA is trying to do, it is being used to make fun of cross-dressers (and most likely transpeople and drag performers, because they are all the same thing, right?). It’s not acceptable. PETA, if you really want people to stand up and take notice of your issues, do it in a more positive manner than this. Don’t alienate some people to further your campaign, and certainly don’t make fun of people while you’re doing it.

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25 thoughts on “PETA’s Fur is a Drag campaign steps over the line

  1. Absolutely. Mock people to gain acceptance of a cause as noble saving the dignity of life. Sounds like a plan PETA, but why not dress up some half starved puppies . And they could be dodging cars, wow now that would be a hoot. Gain you scads of credibility too.

  2. Thanks for this posting. Let’s get the word out. Tim and I are PETA supporters and will call them on the carpet about this. I am going to link to your article from my blog. Hope others do the same.

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  4. PETA has a history of sexism. while I am unsure about their superbowl ad that got banned, they are constantly targeting women. notice how they launch a whole campaign on stopping women from wearing fur, what about about men who where leather? thats probably even more common than women in fur.
    check out my blog for more on this

  5. Thanks for the update on PETA. I rarely look at magazines, newspapers, T.V. or other places where PETA or others place their ads. Very bad. Your article and the link to Elana Centor’s article is very much appreciated. Not this more revolutionary than thou attitude of some but a good piece for educational purposes. I still will submit as far as political shock art the traps, and blood on the furs is okay in my book but yes it is sexist to only attack women and not anyone who wears animal hides.

    One question for the revolutionaries amongst us. At the Salvation Army store there are some fur coats that rich ladies who had seen the light donated. Poor inner city women come in and say, gee that sure is a nice coat to keep me warm in. They buy it and wear it. What do you do? (this has happened as my partner worked at one of the stores.) The same question could be asked of meat served at a soup kitchen. Just wondering as I don’t have very many answers.

  6. Personally, I don’t think it makes sense to harass folks who wear fur, period (though, I have to admit, I enjoy seeing scared yuppies). Nor do I think it makes sense to be moralistic about diet (those people who suggest everyone MUST be vegan or vegetarian, etc.).

    Rather, if we want non-human animals to be treated with dignity and respect, that requires targeting capitalism which makes instruments of all of the earth and ALL animals (humans and non-humans alike). To me, this means building resistance to capitalism and articulating a vision of a future without structured hierarchies like the state, white supremacy, patriarchy, etc. etc. which set the stage for other kinds of domination and coercion.

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  8. Прикольная статья, но хотелось бы поподробнее узнать о некоторых моментах… Как можно с Вами связаться?

  9. i love not becuse i am crule but becuse the animals are i am affraid called pests. becuse of the over populating animals like fox, cyotey and thers i cant raise chikens to feed my familly becuse of your puplic lies aganst the things like hunting and traping that america was based on and i’ll rebell till the day i die and plan on catching more animals than ever untill i can raise my chikens. i am a free american and will do what i like as a free american DONT TRED ON ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. I just sent an e-mail to PETA asking them to stop the Fur Is A Drag campaign. I’ll let you know if they miraculously give some answer other than “attention = dialogue = good for nonhuman animals = all that matters.”

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  12. You actually make it seem so easy with your presentation but I find this matter to be actually something which I think I would never understand. It seems too complex and very broad for me. I am looking forward for your next post, I will try to get the hang of it!

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  14. It’s a damn shame that PETA feels the need to co-opt drag as a way to make its point. I’m wondering where all of the sniping is coming from these days. It’s as if everyone’s afraid to stand up for those around them against the social conservative camps because we don’t know when it’s going to be our turn. Seriously folks, everyone’s turn is coming with this crowd. They’re attempting to see how far back they can turn time.

    They’re trying to give corporate entities more of a voice than the people themselves. And if we let them do it to our neighbors, there’s not going to be anyone that will come to our defense when it’s our turn. And mark my words, they will come for us. We need to learn to respect ourselves and each other so when the time comes we can all stand together and turn back this assault on our rights and indeed our lives.

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