Miss California denounces gay marriage

On Sunday, April 19, the Miss USA pageant was held and of course, during the question and answer round, there was a question about gay marriage. Oh, and the judge delivering the question was none other than Perez Hilton. Talk about awkward. The question, which cited Vermont as the fourth state to recently legalize gay marriage and inquired if other states should follow suite, was asked to Miss California Carrie Prejean. Prejean replied (and I am paraphrasing) that her country and family doesn’t believe in same-sex marriage and she was raised to believe marriage is between a man and a woman, but you know, no offense. I mean really?

In a most interesting note, Prejean is from San Francisco, a.k.a. the gay capitol of the world. I hope she plays it safe and watches out for a stray stiletto to the face from a drag queen on the trip home. (I’m serious about those queens though – Stonewall, anyone?)

Also, why does saying the phrase “no offense” give someone free license to offend people? If you know it is going to be offensive, but you don’t want to offend anyone, then why are you saying it?

When she responds with that answer, the look on Perez Hilton’s face is priceless. I mean, really priceless. He also posted a video blog in response that makes a valid point: Prejean didn’t have to respond with her stance on gay marriage. She could have just said that the issue should be left up to the states.

Prejean did win first runner-up, but at least she wasn’t crowned Miss USA.

Clip of Miss California’s gay marriage question response.

Perez Hilton’s video blog in response to Miss California’s response.

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16 thoughts on “Miss California denounces gay marriage

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  4. Free speech!?
    As long as you don’t say anything that might upset someone. This is not free speech – this is lifestyle fascism.

  5. That dumb bitch. That certainly cost her the crown. Not that it matters, because the top two girls look exactly the same anyway.

    • Ignorance lacks smarts but slander is illegal! She is not a dumb bitch for simply standing up for what she believes in. I guess if I too do not believe gay marriage should be legal, that makes me a bitch too, well to the ignorant, I (whaa-whaa) want everyone, (whine-whine) to understand me, (whaaa-whine-whaa-whaa) and give me what I want) living in Ignoramous la la land.

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  7. I was unaware that there are now 4 states that allow same sex marriage. what are they? indiana, massachusetts vermont and?
    Also when she was talking in the video i could tell if the crowd was booing or applauding, Perez said they were booing. But they made the same noise when Perez asked the question as when she answered it.

  8. If you ask me, Perez is the loser here. Hello, don’t ask a gay question if you don’t want an honest answer. And do not slander her just because she didn’t answer it your freaking way.
    Prejean is a beautiful, talented and intelligent young lady. That a girl, let no one tell you how to think, and continue to stand up for what you believe in! Remember, it is only 5% of the population that cry, whine and mock you and the rest of us are so proud of you for simply being honest. You are already rewarded!

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  10. Why are you offended at someone voicing their opinion? She was asked her opinion and she gave it. I support equal rights for all parties but this is a step backward for your cause. Asking for rights for homosexuals while denying the First Amendment to others is purely hypocritical, and only adding ammo for the other side. That’s like saying Bush’s torture policy was legitimate because the result was a more “secure” America. Seriously, when did two wrongs make a right? The greatest thing about this country that we live in is the First Amendment. The moment we trash the Constitution is moment we lose any legitimacy. Next thing you know, the conservatives will be using your view, claiming that arguing for homosexuals is offensive to them, just as you claim it’s offensive to you. Doesn’t that contradict your line of thought then? In that case since both views are offensive, neither should be stated. That is the wrong way to go. The only way we can achieve equality for all is to convince the other side to agree with you, not force them to agree with you. To sum it up as Voltaire put it, “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” Those of us defending equality need to express 100% equality if we want our position to be seen as legitimate. Perez Hilton needs to stop looking for media attention and shut up before he polarizes everyone even more. The more he polarizes, the less both sides can agree on anything.

  11. I agree with Mark Andrews (above). You are an ass, and a good example of why a lot of people can’t stand the militant gay movement (I’m assuming you’re gay – if you’re not, you’re still an ass). In fact the militant gay movement has become something to be feared by average people because of their irrational hatred of anyone who expresses an opinion that differs with their own – and their inclination to act on that hatred as evidenced by this situation with Carrie Prejean

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