Quote: Johnny Galecki on gay rumors

“I haven’t really addressed those rumors because why defend yourself against something that isn’t offensive?”

Johnny Galecki, of CBS sitcom The Big Bang Theory, on media speculations of his sexuality.

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13 thoughts on “Quote: Johnny Galecki on gay rumors

  1. Thats probably the best way he could have answered, actually. He didn’t confirm nor deny the rumours and he didn’t make it look like he gets offended when people call him gay.

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  3. The reason why there are so many gay rumors about John Galecki is because this guy can hardly go a minute on screen without his mannerism’s, head and hand gestures and speech patterns screaming ‘Flaming Gay’.

    That is why there is rumors about him being gay. This guy must have a deeply secretive portal that he slips into when he wants to get his secret gay on, but it will slip out sometime.

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  5. I think ppl should mind their own business and wonder myself if u all want ppl talking about your sex life publicly? Its noones business to know what he does privately or sexually and I think anyone who cares should get a sex life of their own because obviously they don’t have one themselves.

  6. CindyLoy,
    It is great that you are open-minded, but it is also very upsetting and WRONG to think that homosexuality is only about SEX. It is so upsetting to those of us who are gay to hear people say, “I don’t care what you do in your own bedroom.” That hurts about as much as someone who thinks badly of us. If we are to only be gay in our bedrooms, then we would have to live every single second of our lives in our bedroom. To leave the bedroom to eat and go to the bathroom would require us to not be gay in those instances. Because it is WHO WE ARE, it is not WHAT WE DO.

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