Ohio’s gay marriage ban doesn’t effect co-parenting

Lawyers argue Ohio Constitution bans gay co-parenting

According to 365gay.com, yet another Ohio same sex couple is battling over custody of a child. In these cases the parent that gave birth to the child went  through all of the hoops to make both parties the legal guardians of the child. Then after a breakup, the birth parent cites Ohio’s gay marriage ban in an attempt to nullify the aforementioned contracts. Courts have ruled in the past that the ban has nothing to do with gay parenting; as both parties willing entered into the agreement of both people being the parents, the courts have rules in favor of the non-birth parents, coming to custody agreements.

This whole situation angers me. A gay couple decides to have a child together, makes it all legal, and then when the couple breaks up the birth parent seeks full custody under the gay marriage ban? This is ridiculous. A heterosexual couple would never get away crap like this, but there are usually two biological parents in that situation. While there have been brutal custody battles for straight couples, I have never heard of any one them claiming that because they weren’t legally married an adoption was not legal.

Having a child with someone is a lifelong commitment to them: The two of you will be forever tied because you share a child. It doesn’t matter how the child was created, that is still true. In the case of same sex couples some extra paper work is needed, but you still have to deal with the way heteroes do, with custody hearings and compromises. You can’t just decide that someone who was legally the parent when you wanted them to be is no longer the parent anymore because you broke up and you are gay and you can’t legally marry. If we want to be equal, we have to be equal in every area; you can’t pick and choose when it is convenient to be equal.

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2 thoughts on “Ohio’s gay marriage ban doesn’t effect co-parenting

  1. Self loathing? Much?
    Parents and lovers have been known to do pretty much anything they can to preserve filial relationships. It’s called human nature. Queers and non-queers both have these urges, neither more –nor less– than the other.

    You wrote: A heterosexual couple would never try crap like this.

  2. I didnt think it was possible under Ohio law for a same sex couple to both have legal parenting rights to their child. If one is the birth mother they dont let another mother have custody as well and if the child i adopted they dont let both same sex parents have custody its one or the other…

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