Queer PostSecrets

For those of you that don’t know, PostSecret is a blog that posts people’s secrets. The secrets are sent to the blogger on postcards, almost always anonymously, telling their secrets, which range from deep and dark to lighthearted and funny. PostSecret is run by Frank Warren and it has over 200 million hits.

Every Sunday a new batch of secrets is posted and I save the ones that remind me of something in my life (so usually queer), that are funny or that I just like. The queer community has a long history of keeping things secret, so it seems only fitting that many PostSecret posts contain queer themes; most of them really say something about our community or society as a whole. Yesterday another gay secret was posted, so I have decided that it was time share some of my favorite queer secrets from that blog; they really make me think or really make me laugh. Enjoy!













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2 thoughts on “Queer PostSecrets

  1. Some of these are pretty powerful as others that have been spotted there are. The third postcard with Batman and Robin is what rang through my head the weeks before I came out. 😐

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