What ever happened to RuPaul?


Shannel from "RuPaul's Drag Race." Photo from LogoOnline.com.

Shannel from RuPaul's Drag Race. Photo from LogoOnline.com.

I was wondering this the other day. I was in the shower and started thinking about my favorite drag queen from the ’90s and my favorite character in … But I’m a Cheerleader. Don’t ask me why I was thinking about RuPaul in the shower, that is just when I do my best pondering. So, I googled her and saw the makings of what is about to be my new favorite show: RuPaul’s Drag Race. Oh, yes, I’m not kidding. 

Now I remember that Cincinnati’s very own Jessica Dimon took a shot at becoming a cast member, but at the time I had forgotten this. 

Anyway, the queens seem fierce and I know that this will soon become one of my favorite TV shows. Lord knows I love drag queens and they love me. My roommates tell me I am a drag queen trapped in a woman’s body. And what could be better than drag queens fighting it out for the ultimate prize: media attention, fame, and you know, some money too?

Based on the cast list descriptions, Shannel looks like she will be my favorite: “This girl is fierce! Shannel brings the bright lights and skimpy costumes of the Vegas strip to RuPaul’s Drag Race. She’s got a killer body, dazzling wardrobe, sickening makeup skills and truckloads of confidence.”

Full episodes will be available at Logo Online starting Feb. 2.

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4 thoughts on “What ever happened to RuPaul?

  1. Jamie… We need to get the times and dates of this show. I’m really hoping its good quality queer exposure and not “oh look at those crazy people”

  2. jason im quite confused was that supposed to be sarcastic. this is drag races, how could this be good quality queer exposure at all?

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