“The L Word”: Do people only want to see fun gay?

Spoiler alert: If you don’t want to know what happened, then skip this post!

The third episode, aptly titled “LMFAO,” really gave me some food for thought. Following the opening credits, Jenny and Shane are spied roused in slumber, intertwined like lovers; it nearly sickens me. No really, I began to cringe. Throughout the episode, Shane and Jenny played the games of new love, and I had to avert my eyes from these obscenities: Shenny is officially the weirdest coupling I have ever seen in my life. They work great as friends, but as lovers, no dice. Shane is going to get sick of Jenny really quickly and then we will be back where we started this season, with Shane groveling for Jenny’s forgiveness.

The funniest part of the whole thing was when Alice and Shane were discussing the new Shenny development and Alice asked if it was good. I expected Shane to answer with “It was new shoes good.” Now this is only funny if you recall the old Yoplait commercials with Leisha Hailey. Although the video below isn’t the exact commercial I was thinking of, it is still a good example.

And of course, the most intriguing portion of this episode of The L Word is all of the scenes involving Bette. Not only can Bette literally not stop laughing about Shenny, but she is forced to resign for sexual harassment.

After several denied requests from Bette, Jodi finally decides to meet with her. Bette tells Jodi that she wants her to resign, and of course Jodi refuses. Bette then explains to Jodi that if she does not resign, then she will be fired and Jodi replies with that is fine.

Jodi then tells Phyllis what happened and explains to Bette that even if she is uncomfortable working with Jodi, she slept with her subordinate and cannot fire her. Jodi says she didn’t plan to sue Bette, but Phyllis says she doesn’t want to take the risk.

Later, Phyllis and Bette meet for drinks, where Bette is told she must resign because this isn’t the first time that Bette has been in trouble for sexual harassment. Phyllis reveals that Nadia, the graduate student that pursued Bette when she first came on at the college and later slept with, filed a complaint. Bette is flabbergasted, and Phyllis then says this was her unbeknownst second chance and she blew it. Phyllis then reveals her crush on Bette and tries to kiss her, as Bette recoils .

Now, I know sexual harassment is a touchy topic in this PC world, but the line is thin here. I do not agree that Bette harassed Nadia at all, and if anything, Nadia harassed Bette. Although they did end up sleeping together, Nadia pursued Bette relentlessly, even after she told her no. Although Bette did give in eventually, I do not feel Nadia’s sexual harassment claims were justified. Yes, Bette should not have slept with a student, but I don’t think Bette sexually harassed Nadia.

As for Jodi, that’s a different story. Jodi was in the wrong for refusing to meet with Bette and being a general pain in the ass at work after their breakup, but Bette had no right to try and fire her. Bette was way out of line. I know Bette was only looking to fire Jodi because it upset Bette to have her around, and if they had never been in a relationship, Bette would not have acted in the same way.

And what about Phyllis asking Bette to resign? That was harsh. And then Phyllis spills her heart out for Bette? Did she ask her to resign in one last-ditch effort at a relationship, before Phyllis seals the deal with Joyce?

Anyway, Alice hit a bump on The Look. She read a heart-wrenching letter on air that culminated in a short speech about homophobia and hate crimes and Alice’s decision to stop outing people for their own safety. Later, Alice must meet with the producers of the show to discuss what has happened. Before the meeting Alice proclaims that people just want fun gay and don’t want to hear about hate crimes.

I kind of agree with Alice here: People need to know about everything that comes with being queer. Too often in mainstream media I only see the fun gay. You know, flamboyant men that are fashion designers and drink appletinis every night with a gaggle of fag hags.  Now as much as I wish that I led such a carefree lifestyle, it is not an accurate depiction.

There are some not so perfect lives displayed for queers in the media, but the negative aspects of their lives are usually portrayed as punishments for being queer.


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7 thoughts on ““The L Word”: Do people only want to see fun gay?

  1. I don’t think gays are depicted accurately anywhere in the mainstream whether its a depiction of fun gay or not. All that is presented in TV shows like Desperate Housewives, Will and Grace, or Queer Eye are either very stereotypical or assimilated gay people, because that is all that straight people can handle.
    In general people only want fun things. They don’t want to comfort you when you are upset they want to distract you so that you’ll be fun again. People don’t want to hear things, deal with things, or be around things that aren’t fun. So gay is included, The Look just wanted fun gay because they thought that they were a fun show.
    Everyone wants fun though; if you keep chasing after fun maybe you’ll never have to deal with your real issues.

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