Ilene Chaiken must hate me and other reasons why I am so fed up with “The L Word”

But I’ll never stop watching. It’s pathetic, right?

I have never in all of my life been so frustrated with a show – you would think this was my real life I was dealing with here.

Can I first start with how ridiculous things have gotten with Max? I mean seriously, it is quite possibly the worst thing in the world. I just want to avert my eyes during any scene containing him. I literally hate everything to do with the Max story line. Ilene Chaiken, creator, writer and executive producer of The L Word, first makes him pregnant, which is so trite at this point anyway, and then she makes him act crazier than ever before. And on top of that she has the cast members sheing him. And once I saw Jenny’s rant about how Max was becoming a beautiful mother, I just couldn’t take it anymore. 

I know she was probably doing this to show how it really is for a transman in the world and blah blah blah, but I am just so sick of it. Also, could you just have Max shave, please? Just for me? He looks like the campiest drag king ever.

On an ironic note, as shown on, Chaiken was recently quoted on in reference to how queers are portrayed on mainstream media: “My impression is that they are largely token characters. There have been some exceptions, but for the most part, gay people are underrepresented on broadcast television or represented in a token way.” Well, it’s a good thing Chaiken thinks tokenism is not the way to represent identities.


Max: the token transman on The L Word.

Just saying. Anyway, I suppose Chaiken will continue to torture me with her science fiction, seeing as he is pregnant and all, even though he was on T.

Next up we have Jenny’s death. Now I was shocked that Jenny was going to die at the end of The L Word, but I was even more shocked when I found out that Chaiken has no intention of revealing who killed her. Every episode a different character is given a motive for her death, but we are never going to know who killed her? 

According to The Los Angeles Times:

“Though The L Word will soon end, at least one character’s journey could continue. Chaiken has written and directed a pilot presentation for Showtime costarring [Leisha] Hailey, whose chirpy, gossipy Alice has often provided the show its funnier side. That it’s a women-in-prison show that Showtime recently likened to a female version of Oz — the über-bleak HBO drama — has not only caused utter confusion among fans, but worry that, in fact, we already know who killed Jenny.”

So not only is Chaiken not planning to tell us, we could find the answer in a spin-off staring Alice in jail? Really with this?

And I really shouldn’t get into how irritated I am with Shenny, but I just have to. Seeing them together makes me cringe. Jenny has become the most annoying, clingy girlfriend on the face of the earth, seemingly out of no where. The other characters are under the impression Jenny has always been this smothering when it comes to her partners, but that is not the case. She didn’t act this way with Tim or Robin or the manatee guy or even Max. I mean she was heartbroken by Marina and did some mild stalking, but the other characters didn’t know that and she never checked the girls text messages or forbade her from seeing people. The same can be said for Niki: While the relationship was a hot mess, Jenny didn’t monitor her every move. 

And I can’t believe Shane is putting up with Jenny’s behavior. I mean, what has gotten in to Shane? It’s not like her to stay with someone, let alone someone who acts like this. The whole L Word has turned into the Bermuda Triangle. And I will tell you that nothing is as it seems, especially because Carmen is slated to make an appearance in the finale. Now that makes the rest of the season worth watching.

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3 thoughts on “Ilene Chaiken must hate me and other reasons why I am so fed up with “The L Word”

  1. this is such a great post! i feel like you are expressing all my “WHA?!” moments…

    as a side note, my friend and fellow author on the RQN blog was at a queer conference this past weekend. Rose Troche ( was a fellow panelist at the conference. my friend approached her and got into a discussion about why the L Word writers choose to confine Max to false and negative stereotypes of transguys (hyper aggression and the rest of it). it sounded like an interesting conversation, and she said she was the one who wrote the ep in which Max finds out he was knocked up.

    i asked him to post about the exchange on our blog, so look for it soon!

    keep fighting the good fight, jamie!

  2. I am the worstest queer ever becuse I only seen one episode, maybe that one. I allways adored transmen so maybe I’m a little biased when I say I thouht his beard rocked. Since I am only 83.92% passable being id’ed as a male sometimes I’m like can’t you see my boobs aren’t storebought? Whew. I’m all tired out and got a migrain. I wonder if thew they have some midol for transwoman;)

  3. Wow, this really could have been me writing this. I’m so glad someone else shares my view on this ridiculous show. I am unbelievably pissed off about what’s going on with Max. Okay, so let’s pretend it’s possible to get pregnant on T, fine. How can it be that he doesn’t have one solitary friend that’ll stick up for him? Why would he be friends with them??? And there’s only one episode left–that’s not enough time to redeem them. ugh, it makes me miss Queer As Folk

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