Kanye West reinvents the word “gay,” appreciates rainbows


Kanye West sports the most useless sunglasses on the face of the earth.

Kanye West sporting the most useless sunglasses on the face of the earth. Photo from Google Images.

I was reading Radical Queer News and came across an article from Pink News that explains how Kanye West, hip-hop star and that guy that told former President Bush that he “hates black people,” is trying to reinvent the word “gay.” Warning: When reading the following direct quotations, hilarity may ensue.

Kanye said “that the term will be used in future as synonymous with fashionable and stylish.

“Speaking in an interview with Details, West said:

‘I like to embody titles or words that have negative connotations and explain why that’s good. Take the word gay. Like, in hip-hop, that’s a negative thing, right? But in the past two, three years, all the gay people I’ve encountered have been, like, really, really, extremely dope. I haven’t gone to a gay bar, nor do I ever plan to. But where I would talk to a gay person, the conversation would be mostly around art or design, it’d be really dope. 

‘From a design standpoint, kids’ll say, “Dude, those pants are gay.” But if it’s good, good, good fashion-level, design-level stuff, where it’s on a higher level than the average commercial design stuff, it’s gay people that do that. I think that should be said as a compliment. Like,”‘Dude, that’s so good it’s almost gay.”‘

West has talked about his perception of gay men as fashion icons in the past, drawing speculation over his sexuality. He said in a statement: ‘Stereotypically gay people got such good [style] … they were smart enough to take a fresh-ass logo like the rainbow and say that it’s gonna be theirs.'”

You just let that all sink in. 

And while I thank Kanye for his support and enthusiasm for the queer community, I don’t exactly think he will help the cause. I mean drawing on stereotypes that gays are snappy dressers, artists and designers isn’t exactly constructive, and his affinity for the rainbow is just plain hilarious.

But I suppose it could be worse: He could be saying negative things about queers, or maybe former President Bush could speak out on our behalf.

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