Transwomen in “Vagina Monologues”

Over the weekend I saw the University of Cincinnati’s V Day production of The Vagina Monologues. This was the first time I saw it performed with the transwoman monologue, “They Beat The Boy Out Of My Girl,” (a random video of it can be found below) and quite frankly, I think it was well done. 

My companion for the evening had mentioned that the Monologues had recently included a new monologue about transwomen that was slowly making it’s way into newer productions, and she hoped to see it performed here. (It is also interesting to note that the first time the transwoman monologue was performed, it was in LA by the first all transwoman production of the Monologues in 2004.)

Of course it was rather moving to see this particular monologue performed as it describes what it is like for a transwoman to go through the transitioning process, presented through a choir of voices. Following the performance, my companion complained that the Monologues portrayed a stereotype that all transpeople want to transition. 

And while that argument is valid, I pointed out that the play is about vaginas after all, and another representation would have probably been lost on the audience. Take it for what good it is doing.

Granted, I suppose Eve Ensler could have written a transwoman monologue about how a transwoman could not want a vagina, but I think the audience would just get confused and tune out. After all, the Monologues are all about celebrating the vagina, what it means to have a vagina and all of the stuff people with vaginas go through: It’s about the physical, the biology.

But hey, it would be interesting to see a transman monologue. 

“They Beat The Boy Out Of My Girl” from The Vagina Monologues

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3 thoughts on “Transwomen in “Vagina Monologues”

  1. Check out The Naked I by Tobias Smith. It was performed here in MPLS V-day week. AMAZING. ebuzz was in it and on the stage crew.

  2. companion, really?
    I suppose my complaint that the monologue was stereotypical, was a bit invalid, and the comment you made about the play being about vaginas had a good point. But many trans women, have vaginas even before they transition, they have a body part that they call a vagina, they have something- real or figurative, that is a vagina. Think about transmen and their penises? So I suppose I was thinking that they could have talked about vaginas, and being women without having had surgery.
    But that may have all been too technical and confusing for the audience, and gone right over their head as you guessed.

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