Bank ad features transwoman

As first seen on Queers United, an Argentinean bank makes a bold move with their new commercial. It features an older man apologizing to a transwomen for his treatment of her. And while the man does comment about how the bank saw the transwoman’s identification papers said that she was biological male, after that he apologizes for how badly he has treated her because she is a transwoman.

The bank that is mentioned in the advertisement is Banco Provincia; the bank is apparantly trying to convey the image that they are accepting of all people and should be viewed as more of a friend to turn to when you have a financial need. And yes, it is pretty far fetched that taking out a bank loan will give someone a complete change of heart, but it is a nice sentiment.

Banco Provincia’s ad containing a transwoman

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3 thoughts on “Bank ad features transwoman

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  2. I think this ad is awesome, it didnt show trans people as crazy wild drag queens, it did show trans people, as weird, they didnt show her is very male, or over-make-uped.
    She looks just like any other woman, and I think that is wonderful, because it shows the public that trans people arent these scary creepy beings on the outskirts of society. They are human just like us.
    Yes it is a bit far fetched but this ad makes me very happy.

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