Adoption preference given to married couples, VT mental health professionals condone gay marriage

As reported by, in Butler County, Ohio, a new rule in the Child Services Agency can be used to discriminate against single people and same-sex couples. Currently, the county commissioners are asking the county prosecutor to review this rule.

The Child Services Agency is a county run adoption agency, and with the new rule, caseworkers are able to give preference to legally married opposite-sex couples. 

But all hope is not lost. Commissioner Charles Furmon told The Cincinnati Enquirer: “It’s (the rule) not proper and, obviously, we don’t agree with it. You can’t show favoritism for one group over another.”

Child Services Agency director Michael Fox countered with: “I would encourage the commissioners to first read the actual rule. It says that the trump card in all of these decisions is the best interest of the child. The rule does not say a single parent cannot adopt. It does not say that people with alternative lifestyles can’t adopt.” (“Alternative lifestyles”? Gag me.)

Fox cited studies that found children who come from married homes are more likely to succeed as part of the reason for the rule. 

Of course he just said married homes. Because same-sex couples cannot legally marry, then they of course wouldn’t be preferenced to adopt.

This reminiscent of the single adopt ban that is going through the state legislature in Kentucky. That legislation will ban all single people from adopting. And because same-sex couples cannot marry in Kentucky, they are legally single and will not be able to adopt.

I think these policies are taking things a little bit too far. I mean, discriminating against single heteroes to keep the gays from adopting? That’s a bit much don’t ya think?

Which leads me to another news story. Vermont mental health professionals from the Vermont Psychiatric Association, the Vermont Psychological Association,  the Vermont Mental Health Counselor Association and the Vermont chapter of the National Association of Social Workers said in a joint statement that “arguments by opponents of same-sex marriage who claim it is not in the best interest of children to allow gays and lesbians to marry are wrong.”

The statement went on to say: “Children of lesbian and gay parents are as likely as those of heterosexual parents to flourish.”

“No study has shown that outcomes for children of single-sex families are any less positive than outcomes for children in heterosexual families,” said Jackie Weinstock, an associate professor at the University of Vermont and a spokesperson for the four groups.

Wow. While there are still mental health professionals that think we are sick (see NARTH), some prestigious groups are backing us now. Now someone should just tell that to Butler County Child Services Agency director Michael Fox.

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