Massachusetts voters tricked into signing gay marriage ban

 It seems that everyday I get online, I see another state is poised to take away rights, and today is no exception. Fox 25 in Massachusetts actually did some intelligent investigative reporting on petition fraud. In that state, an independent contractor hired by the Massachusetts Family Institute that is “dedicated to strengthening the family,”  has been tricking people into signing a petition that would put same-sex marriage on the ballot in a state where it is already legal. Voters in Massachusetts were told they were signing a petition to allow the sale of wine in grocery stores, and the voters were then asked to sign a “back-up copy” that was really a ban on same-sex marriage. It’s the old bait-and-switch game.

Anti-Gay Marriage Scam video

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4 thoughts on “Massachusetts voters tricked into signing gay marriage ban

  1. That’s outrageous. I can’t believe this is going on and no one know about it, and the government is aware that it could be a problem and they aren’t doing much. If we don’t do something, then Massacusettes could be back to an unequal state. Then all hope would be lost.

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