Alleged anti-gay crime on UC’s campus

Amid a swell of rumors here in Cincinnati, there has been word of an alleged anti-gay crime against a young gay man that took place on or near the University of Cincinnati’s campus sometime in the March. Queer Cincinnati reported that in an e-mail promoting the Human Rights Campaign, it was stated that Channel 5 News reported that the alleged assailant’s name is Ethan Kirkwood. Nothing about this story could be found on Channel 5’s Web site. Upon searching the Hamilton County Clerk of Courts records for that name, two charges of felonious assault were filed on March 8, against Kirkwood, a 19-year-old white male. Kirkwood was charged in 2008 with DC – Intoxication, which was dismissed, and underage person liquor offense, which was paid out. 

Upon searching for Kirkwood, another entry popped up on the Hamilton County Clerk of Courts Web site for Matthew Kafagolis, a 20-year-old white male, that had no mention of Kirkwood. (In the search, Kirkwood’s name comes up next to Kafagolis’ case number, but upon clicking on it, Kirkwood is not mentioned in the case itself.) Kafagolis was also charged with two counts of felonious assault on March 8. Kirkwood’s and Kafagolis’ case numbers are /09/CRA/7109 and /09/CRA/7111 respectively, which leads me to believe they were filed one right after the other. It is not clear if these two individuals knew each other or if their charges are related to each other. It is also unclear if these charges are related to the alleged anti-gay crime incident.

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5 thoughts on “Alleged anti-gay crime on UC’s campus

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  2. So I’ve been doin’ a lot of diggin all day today and I do have a link to the victim finally. He’s not comfortable talking yet, but we’ve gotten the word out to whoever the guy is that our community, and specifically the UC LGBTQ Center and Women’s Center are here…

  3. I wish I knew more about this story. Why hasn’t the person come forward? How can anything be done if know one knows about is?

  4. The information belongs to the victim, if they don’t want to come forward that is their prerogative, this is something traumatic that happened to them, and I don’t think we should assume that they want something big to be done about it.
    While I think it is important that the victims are aware that the queer community and other campus resources are available to them, I do think it was wrong to hunt them down as they were.
    I think it is important for the queers in the Cincinnati Community and at UC to know that they are currently unsafe and unprotected in clifton. That is what the protest is about today. Although it may have sprung from this specific event, it is not about this event, I think that we should be careful while at the protest to make sure that we do not make it about this specific event, that we make it about declaring that we need protections and need to be safe on campus and in the surrounding area.

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