Alleged anti-gay crime perpetrators’ charges dropped down

Matthew Kafagolis  and Ethan Kirkwood, the alleged perpetrators in the anti-gay crime that took place on or near University of Cincinnati’s campus, are now being charged with two counts of misdemeanor assault each, according to the Hamilton County Clerk of Courts’ Web site. The charges were refiled as misdemeanors against the alleged perpetrators on March 19, and March 20, respectively. The original charges these individuals faced were felonious assault. A misdemeanor charge carries a maximum penalty of less than a year in jail.

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5 thoughts on “Alleged anti-gay crime perpetrators’ charges dropped down

  1. of course the charges got dropped down. but why no hate crime indictment? that is ridiculous. this is clearly a hate crime and justice is not being done. these people were beaten because of their sexual orientation, therefore it was a hate crime.

  2. No hate crime charges because there is no hate crime law or ordinance that can raise the charges past a misdemeanor. It would have to be a statewide law, and Ohio doesn’t have one. If you have a problem with it, contact your state lawmakers instead of complaining in the comments section of a blog.

  3. wrote:

    I can personally tell you that neither of these boys are GayRacists or haters. They have friends who are gay, family members who are gay, and one has a brother in law who is gay, and they all get along great!, and they have always shown the utmost respect to gays whether they be men or woman, so whoever wants to believe that this is what these kids were fighting about should probably get their facts straight, but it certainly WAS NOT over any kind of hate crime.

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