Best queer week ever

This week has been the best week for queers ever. No really, it has. The Internet has seen a tidal wave of news that is actually good for queers, and it has come from some unexpected places. Queers across the world are rejoicing in their jubilance. 

For starters, Dinah Shore Weekend runs from April 1-5 (much longer than a weekend, but whatever), and has really transformed from a golf tournament to the lesbian version of MTV’s Spring Break. Festivities include a white party, a celebrity fashion show that includes Dani from A Shot at Love With Tila Tequila, and a concert by Lady Gaga, who has recently stated that she refuses to label her sexuality (her songs address both men and women, and in her videos she also kisses both).

Beth Ditto graces the cover of Out. Photo from

Beth Ditto graces the cover of "Out." Photo from

Out magazine has put Beth Ditto on its cover. Ditto, front women of The Gossip and a partner of a transman, has received headlines lately because she has been changing the minds of the fashion elite, such as Karl Lagerfeld, when it comes to size. Lagerfeld has been designing outfits exclusively for Ditto, eating his words of fashion only being for the fit.

On the gay marriage front, Sweden has made marriage genderless and Iowa has declared a same-sex marriage ban unconstitutional. I mean really, Iowa? That seems like such a random state, but hey, more power to them.

Clementine Ford, Molly from The L Word and daughter of Cybill Shepherd, came out this week to The Advocate. After much speculation and her recant on coming out to Diva magazine, Ford finally set the record straight, or queered it that is.

Wanda Sykes is slated to host her own late night talk show at 11 p.m. on Saturday nights for FOX beginning next fall. Kevin Reilly, president of entertainment for FOX said: “She has the perfect personality for FOX, and we look forward to reinvigorating Saturday night TV with her.”

The Matthew Shepherd Hate Crimes Act was reintroduced in Congress. The bill would add sexual orientation to the list of categories covered under federal hate crimes laws. And for those of you in the Cincinnati area, Judy Shepherd, Matthew’s mother, will be at the University of Cincinnati’s campus to speak on Monday, April 6 in the Great Hall.

Newsweek ran an online exclusive article about the hardships of finding an LGBT-friendly college. The article is very intelligent and uses correct terminology, such as “sexual orientation and gender expression and identity.” Impressive.

Isis King, the transwomen that competed on America’s Next Top Model, appeared on the Tyra Show this week to discuss her transition. Her boyfriend at the time, Desmond, got down on one knee and asked King to marry him, and she accepted. (Below is a video from CelebTV’s reporting on this, and while I am not particularly pleased with their commentary, the excerpts from the Tyra Show are the only ones I could find.)

Here in Cincinnati we have had quite an exciting week as well. Xavier University hosted their first-ever queer week on a conservative, Catholic campus. Kate Bornstein dropped in for a performance. Today, April 3, is a Cincinnati Guerilla Queer Bar event, where queers takeover a straight bar for the night. This month’s event is at Sully’s, located at the intersection of Race and 7th streets. On Saturday, April 4, there is a kiss-in on Fountain Square from 8-9 p.m..

In reflection, it has been a beautiful week. Hopefully it all wasn’t just an extended April fools!

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