Fountain Day marks a queer kiss-in

Saturday, April 4, was Fountain Day here in Cincinnati. The annual tradition that takes place on Fountain Square features bands, Skyline and a lack of parking. Mayor Mark Mallory spoke briefly before the “turning on of the fountain,” and heralded the event as the start of spring. 

Of course there were queers there, doing nothing else but queering the place up. About 20 of us kissed when the fountain was turned on and then watched the fireworks that followed immediately afterward (because the kisses were just that good). When the fireworks stopped we all kissed again in celebration.








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2 thoughts on “Fountain Day marks a queer kiss-in

  1. yay for queer public kissing. lets do it more!
    Fall 2007 there was this christian anti-sex guy preaching out on campus. The next day we combatted that by playing loud music and making out for at least 30 minutes straight on the steps of TUC. I think we definitely made an impression between the queer kissing, loud love music, and people sporting signs that said things like “oral is moral” and “marriage can be expensive but sex is free”
    I think it would be great if we did more events like these, because its something that we can all come together about. Everyone likes to kiss people!

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