Boy hangs himself after bullying is reporting that Carl Joseph Walker-Hoover, an 11-year-old student in Springfield, Mass., hanged himself on Monday after repeatedly being bullied. Students of New Leadership Charter School targeted him daily, calling him gay, taunting him about his clothing and threatening him.

It was never made clear if Walker-Hoover said he was gay (He was just 11, after all.), but the word gay was used as an insult and a means to harass him. The mother made weekly calls to the school administration about the bullying, but it still went on. This was apparently a problem for the boy the entire school year.

When a child feels that marginalized at school and they feel the only way out is death, it is not okay. If the mother did in fact call the administration over and over, something should have been done.  It will be interesting to hear what they have to say after this death. (They were not quoted in the article.)

Regardless of whether the child was actually gay, the term shouldn’t be used as an insult. That word coupled with threats made this boy feel so bad that he would rather die than endure another day of harassment. This is always wrong. Gay should not be used to hurt people.

The bullies and administration have blood on their hands.

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4 thoughts on “Boy hangs himself after bullying

  1. And the dingbats have the gall to complain that the world’s a sick place, when they’re the ones making it so.

    A child suicide is hard to stomach. Hard even to understand.

    Let’s hope that lessons are learned, so that at least some good may come of this.


  2. This is so ridiculously sad. I would really like to hear about how the school and the bullies are responding to this. I heard that his mother was planning on suing the school, and you know what I think she has every right. Schools are supposed to be safe places for children, not places that make children want to die.

    • Hi my name is Lynn MacPhail:

      I am so very sorry to hear of your lose, and yes I agree if the only way out, is death to escape bullying than we the schools are not doing it right. I will tell you though it doesnt stop here, I work for a school as a teacher assistant, and I am sick to know that bullying is happen to me. I am 43yrs of age, and have 3 kids, a good man and I am well educated. I would have liked to have talked to you son and maybe we could have came up with a soultion that would have stopped people, and made them take a good long look at themselves. I am really shocked that it still happens as adults, I love my job but I hate going into work now that I know it is true, the bullying that is, The thing that is funny, is that my boss had already abserved this and did not tell me until I went to her, and expressed that I feel I am being bullyed. I promise you this bullying will end and there will no more bulling to the point of where someone has to die. Because of what has happend to your son I am going to start and make this bigger than anyone has ever seen. I am going to start with the daycares and work my way up from there. No one has the right to make someone elses life miserible, or do they have the right to take someone’s life(and yes the bullys should be held responsilbe), away from by bullying.

      Once again I my thoughts are with you, your son, and your family. If you wish to talk i am on face book, Lynn MacPhail, is the name. Please dont hesitate of contacting me.

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