HRC to protest post offices on April 15

So HRC is at it again. This time they are proposing a protest at your local post office on April 15, tax day, to protest the unfair taxes on gays because they cannot marry. I think it is a good idea to raise awareness about this issue, but what does the post office have to do with equal marriage rights? I understand that they are trying to target people who are getting their taxes postmarked that day to show that we cannot check the married box in most states, but I think doing this is just going to lead people to think we don’t like the post office and is going to be counterproductive.

As of now there are no protests scheduled for Cincinnati on the campaign’s Web site, but if we were going to do something like that here, why not do it at the actual IRS? It’s just right downtown. And why aren’t cites that have an IRS office doing there’s there? Everyone can get behind not liking the IRS: They make us file heinous tax returns that we barely understand, audit us when we don’t do it correctly and make sure we give the government our money when we know the government is just going to misuse it. 

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6 thoughts on “HRC to protest post offices on April 15

  1. I loathe HRC. They are the worst organization for LGBT people and they just suck. They can’t do anything right. They aren’t inclusive and are run by white, rich men. Way to go HRC. You look dumb. OK, rant over. lol.

  2. Instead we should have been mailing off letters [on recycle paper of course] to our senators and representatives in Washington to get them to repeal the part of DOMA that discriminates against same-sex couples when it comes to federal benefits and filing jointly on their tax returns.
    We should also focus on the local level and demand states to allow same-sex couples to file their state income taxes [if you’re unlucky enough to live in a state with income taxes…] jointly.

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