Upcoming queer events in Cincinnati

Over the next five days there are quite a few queer events. Tomorrow is Day of Silence. In a blurb from Jill Benavides from GLSEN: 

“On April 17th, LGBT students and allies from more than 8,000 schools will take a vow of silence to call attention to the cultural epidemic of bullying, name-calling and harassment in our nation’s schools. Friday’s Day of Silence brings these issues to the fore through a multitude of events, classroom discussions and media attention. It’s the single most powerful student-led response of the year to these pervasive problems. Today, I’m asking you to participate in the Day of Silence in your own simple way. Add your name to the GLSEN 2009 Day of Silence Pledge.

“Last year LGBT prejudice cost 15-year-old Lawrence King his life in an Oxnard, California classroom.

“At 17, Eric Mohat of Mentor, Ohio, took his own life after months of merciless bullying by classmates. Tall, skinny and involved in high school theater and music, he was an easy target. Day after day, he was pushed, shoved and called ‘gay,’ ‘fag,’ ‘queer’ and ‘homo.’ On the day he took his life, one student said: ‘Why don’t you go home and shoot yourself? No one will miss you.’

“The senseless deaths of Eric Mohat and Lawrence King are just two of the reasons why the Day of Silence is so profoundly important. And they are why, this year, I’m asking you for your support.

“GLSEN is aiming to rally 10,000 supporters to pledge moral support for the Day of Silence, and to promise to talk about its goals with family and friends – especially when the topic of bullying and school violence comes up.”

Northern Kentucky University will hold a Breaking The Silence event to conclude the Day of Silence starting with an information fair at 6:15p.m. and a charity drag show from 7-9 p.m. 

Saturday, April 18, is GLSEN Prom at the Contemporary Arts Center from 7 p.m. to midnight. This event is the “spread the love” event for Cincinnati Guerrilla Queer Bar. Tickets are $10 if you don’t want dinner and you don’t want to be in the “adults only, 21+ room;” it costs $50 to get in there. Buy your tickets ahead of time at GLSENProm.com, because the price goes up if you purchase them at the door. I am personally so excited to be attending and hanging out with the kids. The CAC is beautiful and I love to dress to impress. The night should be one to remember.

On Tuesday, April 21, a counter Citizens for Community Values event called Focus On ALL Families will take place on Xavier’s campus. Sharonville-based CCV will be holding it’s largest fundraiser of the year at the Cintas Center that night, so at 6 p.m. area organizations are hosting a carnival-like family event to illustrate that families come in all different varieties.


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