NOM’s new marriage ad racks up spoofs

There is spoof of the National Organization for Marriage (Why do these organizations always have such misleading, wholesome sounding names when I know what they stand for is nothing wholesome at all?) and their latest commercial condemning gay marriage, which is titled “Gathering Storm,” that is running around the Internet today. The new version, called “A Gaythering Storm, originally created for, stars celebrities like Liz FeldmanErin FoleyAlicia SilverstoneLance BassGeorge TakeiJason LewisSarah Chalke and Sophia Bush, with Jane Lynch playing the ringleader of the organization. 

NOM’s original ad, all done with hired actors, claims to tell the true stories of American citizens forced to deal with the effects of gay marriage on their lives. These terrible side effects include a parent who doesn’t want their kid taught about gay marriage in school and a doctor who apparently has to choose between practicing medicine and their faith. Now, I am not exactly sure what about gay marriage keeps this doctor from practicing medicine, but if NOM says it then it must be true, right?

The spoof pokes fun at how ridiculous this NOM ad is and all of it’s outrageous claims. All of this comes, of course, after The Colbert Reports’ spoof of the NOM ad, called “Big Gay Storm.” It too focues on how ridiculous NOM’s claims are and was extremely hilarious.

The Colbert Report’s “Big Gay Storm” spoof ad

“A Gaythering Storm” spoof ad

NOM’s “Gathering Storm” ad

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4 thoughts on “NOM’s new marriage ad racks up spoofs

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  2. Okay NOM’s ad is ridiculous. How does same sex marriage impede on other people’s lives at all? Its not like us queers want to get married in your scary straight people church’s, we dont want to fuck all over your scary straight people houses. We just want to get married- we’d probably even do it in a white dress and black suit just like you straights.
    That was crazy. I thought it was funny tho when they described themselves as a rainbow, trying to say that they were inclusive of all colors etc… dont they know rainbows are super gay!

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