Lohan chats with Ellen about Sam, life

Ellen DeGeneres offered up some advice to her fellow somewhat sapphic sister Lindsay Lohan on her talk show today. Right off the bat Ellen recalls a joint birthday party with her partner, Portia Di Rossia, at which Lindsay’s former lover, Samantha Ronson, was the DJ. It seemed a bit harsh to recall happier times in the newly broken relationship, but Lindsay took it with stride: Of course she expected to field questions on Samantha and her current mental state.

Lindsay said that she was still friends with Samantha and said the two were still communicating. She then divulged that that she didn’t realize she was being broken up with at first: Samantha just disappeared for about a week, and she never really made it clear to Lindsay what was going on.

Ellen then brought up the rumor of a restraining order that was brought against her by Samantha Ronson’s mother. When this report first came out Lindsay denied it, but on Ellen, she confirmed that it is true and she doesn’t understand why it was brought against her in the first place.

But Lindsay is trying to find a way to lead a healthy life and is focusing on her career. She will be working on some television roles behind the camera and is going to be working on a film in October. Ellen approved of this move and made it clear to Lindsay that it was a good one.

When asked if she was looking for love again, Lindsay replied that she is “not looking to be with anyone now,” and that she is currently focusing on her career. But she did say that she “really cares about Samantha, and we’ll see what happens.” Yes, we shall. Knowing Lindsay, and lesbians, it’s not really over until the seventh breakup.

Lindsay Lohan on Ellen

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