Griffin shocks with her sexy stems

Recently the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation held its 20th annual GLAAD Media Awards. Of course the typical people and shows were honored, but Kathy Griffin was there to receive a lifetime achievement award and, dare I say it, she looked smokin’ hot. 

Kathy Griffin accepts her lifetime achievement award at the 2009 GLAAD media awards. Photo from

Kathy Griffin accepts her lifetime achievement award at the 2009 GLAAD media awards. Photo from

I always knew Griffin was funny and the ultimate fag hag, but I really didn’t know she had a bikini babe body. Not that she needed one, I just never realized she had it because she doesn’t flaunt it very often. And I could tell Griffin was proud of that body by the way she entered the stage. As far as I am concerned, she can kiss her Life On The D-List goodbye because that bod gives most A-Listers a run for their money. And congrats on the award, because she deserves it.

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3 thoughts on “Griffin shocks with her sexy stems

  1. I’d never heard of Kathy Griffin before although after seeing her face she looks familiar. But I must say I am a bit confused by all the focus on her body here. Why does the fact that she apparently has what society tells us is a so called hot body does it make us more impressed by her?
    And while I dont doubt that having a good body may move a celebrity up from a D list, I think it is very unfortunate that popularity goes up as thinness does.

    On a different note, if she isnt queer why is she getting a GLAAD award? What exactly did she do that is good for gay people? When i looked at her wikipedia page and searched for the word gay all that came up were a few sentences about how she used to make fun of Clay Aiken by calling him gay… so really why is she getting an award?

  2. She is a famous comedian who is on par with Margaret Cho. not only is she hilarious, but she’s an activist for LGBT rights. She is absolutely FABULOUS and does not usually flaunt her body. this is why it was commented that no one knew she has a smoking hot body at her age! she is famous for her comedy and her activism, NOT for her looks/body, and I think that’s pretty amazing in hollywood, don’t you?

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