WBC says, “It’s almost time to leave”

If you didn’t think Westboro Baptist Church, the wonderful people who brought you GodHatesFags.com, was off its rocker before, then you will now. As first reported on Gossip Boy, the church is talking about how “It’s time to leave,” on its blog. Fred Phelps, the leader of this radical religious wrong group, is believed to be in ailing health and maybe even close to death. Due to resent successful lawsuits against the group, WBC is also close to bankruptcy.

Passages from the April 18, WBC blog post:


“We are particularly urgent about it, because the time is shortly to come when we will grant you your wicked wish, Doomed america!

“Let us see how that is shortly now to play out, my angry little sodomite-loving friends.  It’s about time for us to leave this place. 

“When we’re done, we will leave your filthy land and be placed safely out of the reach of the horror that will then land upon you swiftly and certainly – in one hour.

“We pray it to be any day now, for the promises of our God are sure and certain.  We finished our job in Napa County – one of the few we have left – and then went to tell the Saints of our God-blessed exploits and our joy.

“We gotta go, peeps!  We gotta go!  And when we do, it’s time for this filthy nation to receive of all the plagues that your Creator has promised.  The reason there is such urgency in those words …  such passion in the irresistible call from our Saviour, Husband, and Friend … is because when that time comes for this rebellious nation – which is spiritually called Babylon and has become literally Babylon by the inexplicable and forcible snatching of that Mesopotamian land where ancient Babylon sat – it is going to be very fast and very violent, such that all mankind is utterly and simply amazed.  Check out the words, fools … it’s all about the words!”

As Gossip Boy wrote, it sounds like someone is in the other room brewing up every cult’s favorite variety of Kool-Aid: Arsenic.

UPDATE: The people over at Good As You were able to get a hold of Shirley Phelps-Roper from WBC, and she denied claims that they were planning on committing suicide. Instead she said this, right before she explained that Barack Obama is the anti-Christ: “Well – we [WBC] are all good, all the time. I don’t know how many times I will say these words before my testimony is complete. GET A CLUE REBELS!! THESE ARE THE LAST HOURS OF THE LAST DAYS OF ALL!!”

Well, thanks for clearing that up for us. WBC was just trying to be neighborly and let us all know what was going on, because the end is near for us all. The rapture is imminent. Pack accordingly.

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