NOM’s new ad features Miss California

National Organization for Marriage is up to its usual antics again with a new propaganda video titled “No Offense” featuring the ill-spoken Miss California herself, Carrie Prejean. (But in an unexpected twist, the video also features Perez Hilton and Joe Solmonese from HRC.) After weeks of Prejean defending her statement about same-sex marriage to the media and playing the victim (all this after being spotted partying with a transwoman), NOM has used this to illustrate just how evil queers are: We are opponents of free speech, honesty, marriage, religious liberty, the truth that gay marriage is bad, orphans, puppies, Jesus, America, people who have cancer, the canon of knowledge, beauty queens (Pardon me, I mean scholarship contestants.), babies and basically all things that are good. So maybe I embellished a bit after that whole “the truth that gay marriage is bad” part, but whatever. With all of the liberties organizations like NOM take with the truth, can’t I take a few of my own?

And NOM is right, pro-gay marriage activists do call opponents liars and bigots, but only because those are accurate statements. If misconceptions and outright lies weren’t being used in the arguments against gay marriage, it would probably be legal right now.

These same tactics were even seen yesterday at the U.S. House’s discussion of the Matthew Shepard federal hate crimes legislation. Republican Rep. Virginia Foxx stated that Matthew Shepard was murdered not because he was gay but because he was commiting a robbery and that is why the bill shouldn’t pass. This is a jaw-dropping lie, and it needs to stop. (It may be in your constituents’ best interest to get the facts before voting on their behalf. Just saying.)

And we might as well warm up to Miss California’s face, she is probably the new poster child for opponents of gay marriage.

NOM’s new video featuring Carrie Prejean.

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10 thoughts on “NOM’s new ad features Miss California

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  2. On the topic of Miss California’s statement I think its hilarious that NOM used that for their campaign. Do you think people actually take those campaigns seriously? I mean you look at the NOM advertisements, and they are ridiculous.

    On the topic of the Matthew Sheppard Act. I cant believe the republican rep blatantly lied like that, but whats more is the lie sucked. Even if Matthew Sheppard wasnt murdered for being gay wouldnt it still make sense to pass a law that would protect gay people from being murdered, regardless of the reason Matthew Sheppard was killed?

    And I really just dont understand how people could be against protecting people from being harassed, assaulted, and killed. I mean are they really pro-hurting people?

  3. Hello, new Anita Bryant. Let’s hope you are nowhere near as successful.

    Also, is it just me, or is she not that attractive? Superficially she is, yes, but… she just kind of looks like a nasty person. She looks mean and smug. It’s something about her eyes and mouth.

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  8. “Survival”

    Call NOM 1.609.688.0450 or call NOM media reps Elizabeth Ray (x130) & Mary Beth Hutchins (x105), at 703-683-5004

    Play at top volume (w/o injury) track from Gloria Gaynor / Reba McEntire / Destiny’s Child / TV show Survivor / whatever fits theme of SURVIVAL

    1) Easy source – look up a video on Youtube (or other) — anything that meets the “survival” theme
    2) Hold the phone by your speakers
    3) Dance
    4) If you get a person have some fun with them

    We’ll ‘survive’ just fine

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