Prejean ill-spoken, NOM called out

Miss California Carrie Prejean, who has been a popular story with the media this week, and quite frankly she has been doing a great job of proving Perez Hilton right.

Carrie Prejean on Fox News’ On The Record

And I found this little gem on Towleroad. MSNBC’s David Shuster takes on a National Organization for Marriage spokesperson and calls them out on their lies. Specifically, in NOM’s new video featuring Carrie Prejean, NOM cites certain experts that make certain claims about gay marriage. Turns out NOM was selectively reading the documents, filtering the facts. Oopsy.

NOM gets called out on MSNBC

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6 thoughts on “Prejean ill-spoken, NOM called out

  1. Yeah, I didn’t even want to dignify Prejean with publicity about this whole mess, but it’s sad that she’s actually capitalizing on her bigotry. She’s the darling of the news cycle and the right found a popular new spokesperson. Whole thing makes me sick.

  2. That is a great video to watch and really shows how illogical all of the arguments behind NOM are. It really is interesting to see how NOM are now trying to move away from ‘religion’ as a reason against marriage and are looking for more substantial reasons to oppose gay marriage such as ‘freedom’ and ‘problems with the law’. What it shows to me is how illogical all of the opposition to gay marriage is and how the anti-gay movement will continue to be doomed due to this complete lack of any actual reasons to oppose gay marriage.

    Anyway, if you’re interested here’s another good discussion on NOM’s first ‘storm’ ad, which discusses some of this.

  3. this is hilarious. i love how he got called out so clearly like that. was that just a normal news anchor? i was shocked by how confrontational he was being with the NOM guy, i mean i loved it, but I always thought news anchors had to just nod and agree.

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