AfterEllen announces Hot 100 2009

2009-Hot-100-header has released it’s Hot 100 2009 list today. Much like Maxim‘s Hot 100 (except it is the lesbian edition), women vote for the women they find attracctive and compiles the list of the top 100 women. Many of the winners are out lesbians or bisexual women, play lesbians or bisexual women in their work or are strong allies of the community. Of course some major celebrities made the list, as well as 11 L Word actress, and the usual favorites were found there too. The highlights:

1.) Portia de Rossi
2.) Jennifer Beals (Bette, The L Word)
3.) Lena Headey 
4.) Leisha Hailey (Alice, The L Word)
5.) Sarah Shahi (Carmen, The L Word)
6.) Rachel Maddow
7.) Tina Fey
8.) Sara Ramirez (Grey’s Anatomy)
9.) Angelina Jolie 
10.) Gro Hammerseng
11.) Kate Moennig (Why Shane isn’t No.1 I will never understand.) 
12.) Rachel Shelley (Helena Peabody, The L Word
15.)  Ellen DeGeneres
17.) Jordana Brewster
18.) Clementine Ford (Molly, The L Word)
20.) Tegan Quin (Tegan And Sara)
22.) Rose Rollins (Tasha, The L Word)
25.) Pink
30.) Sara Quin (Tegan And Sara) 
31.) Laurel Holloman (Tina, The L Word)
37.) Erin Daniels (Dana, The L Word)
39.) Jodi Foster
40.) Lindsay Lohan
43.) Piper Perabu
46.) Michelle Rodriguez
47.) Mia Kirshner 
52.) Charlize Theron 
64.) Sophia Bush
66.) Alex Hedison (Dylan, The L Word)
76.) Lauren Lee Smith (Lara, The L Word)
97.) Michelle Obama

To view the complete list click here.

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20 thoughts on “AfterEllen announces Hot 100 2009

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