EHEA to be introduced to Ohio House

On Tuesday, May 12, the Ohio House of Representatives will introduce the Equal Housing and Employment Act with a whopping 26 bipartisan sponsors, more than a quarter of the House. The primary sponsors are Representatives Dan Stewart (D – Columbus) and Ross McGregor (R – Springfield). The bill includes protections for both sexual orientation and gender identity and expression.

There is a religious exemption in the bill, but this only applies to non-secular businesses.

The Columbus Chamber of Commerce Public Policy Committee has added the passage of EHEA  to their official agenda. 

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4 thoughts on “EHEA to be introduced to Ohio House

  1. Is there a petition we should sign to support this and make sure it goes through? Is there a site set up somewhere to email your representatives or anything? i feel like some activism needs to happen on this to make sure it actually happens

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