Perez Hilton on Perry: “Trannylicious”

Perez Hilton’s Quote of the Day for May 11, goes a little something like this:

Katy Perry singing with "Trannylicious" scrawled across the top. Photo from

Katy Perry singing with "Trannylicious" scrawled across the top. Photo from

This doesn’t even make sense. The quote has nothing to do with Katy Perry’s “trannyliciousness” I am sure, but what exactly screams tranny about this photo? Did he mean drag queen? I could  maybe see drag queen, maybe a teeny bit. But honestly, drag queens are much more caricatured than this for the most part. 

At any rate, the term tranny is being used to insult Katy Perry, and that’s not okay (even if I don’t particularly care for her).

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4 thoughts on “Perez Hilton on Perry: “Trannylicious”

  1. yes I think she looks like a drag queen. And I think that is funny because she hates queers so much yet she kind of looks like one (actually I didnt even think that was Katy Perry I just thought it was a random drag queen). But Jamie you make a really good pt that society always misses that trans women people and drag queens are not one in the same. And our culture has co-oped the term tranny and used it as an insult. Attention has been brought to using the word gay as an insult, and people definitely still do it, but there has not been attention brought to using tranny as an insult. As gay is phased out they are phasing tranny in, they still have to have someone to oppress dont they…

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