Trump: Miss California will keep crown


Miss California Carrie Prejean speaks at a press conference today after Donald Trump decided to let her keep her crown.

Miss California Carrie Prejean speaks at a press conference today after Donald Trump decided to let her keep her crown.

The National Organization for Marriage put out a release today in reference to Miss California Carrie Prejean and Donald Trump’s decision to let Prejean retain the title of Miss California:

“I’m so happy for Carrie. Thank you Donald Trump for doing the right thing by Carrie. The most striking moment for me in this press conference was the moment Mr. Trump announced that Carrie would retain her title and there was a little burst of applause from the photographers. ‘The paparazzi are clapping,’ he said, ‘I’ve never seen that happen before. When the paparazzi are applauding you know it’s a popular decision.’

“When I first went on TV to defend Carrie, very few voices were doing so. Now she has the whole Trump organization defending her. So to those who are asking, I want to announce: I will not be doing any major TV appearances over the next few days, because this is Carrie’s moment and she and her people should decide who speaks on her behalf today and from now on. I’m very proud of her and look forward to cheering from the sidelines about all the important things she will accomplish and all the people she will inspire to speak truth to power.”

Miss California officials had named an alternate contestant to fulfill the duties of Miss California due to the fact that Prejean had new management, had not been in contact with Miss California officials and had been missing scheduled appearance as Miss California. First runner-up Tammy Farrell was named to be the “Beauty of California Ambassador,” as Shanna Moakler and Keith Lewis, the directors of Miss California pageant said in a press conference on Monday, May 11.

Donald Trump, owner of the Miss USA and the Miss Universe pageants, opted to let Prejean keep her crown today and chalked up the allegations to a miscommunication issue and said that the issue had been solved. (Trump said that he used the term “miscommunication” loosely.)

In watching the press conference (available below), it seems like old daddy Trump swooped in to save the day for Prejean, smoothed out all of the “miscommunication” issues and told everyone to leave little old Carrie Prejean alone, especially the big bullies Shanna Moakler and Keith Lewis, co-chairs of the Miss California pageant.

And there’s this little gem of a quote that Prejean said in her defense at today’s press conference: “He [Perez Hilton] was trying to be self-promoting and hateful, while I have remained silent.” Too bad I have only seen her on every single news show just about every day talking about same-sex marriage. 

Prejean also stated that she wasn’t an activist, just an advocate. When you go to speaking engagements on behalf of NOM you are an activist, period.

Prejean also said, choking back tears, that “This should not happen in America,” in reference to the attacks on herself her comments about gay marriage. And she’s somewhat right: People should have freedom of speech, but such grave systematic oppression shouldn’t happen in America either.

Trump allows Prejean to keep the crown

Prejean speaks at the press conference with Trump

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2 thoughts on “Trump: Miss California will keep crown

  1. I think its interesting that I dont find anyone talking about the Miss USA Beauty Pageant at all in this discussion. Talk about grave systematic discussion, these women are taught that their value, power and strength lies in there beauty, and by beauty they mean being white, blonde, and blue eyed. Someone was named to be the Beauty of California Ambassador, that makes me think of someone going around to talk about the beautiful scenery in the state, not some dumb bimbo who was appointed this position because of her looks.

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