AfterElton announces Hot 100 2009

2009hot100headerfinals2 has named it’s hottest 100 men of the year. Here are a few highlights:

1.) Neil Patrick Harris (out gay man)
2.) John Barrowman (out gay man)
3.) Luke MacFarlane (out gay man)
4.) Jake Gyllenhaal
5.) Jensen Ackles
11.) Zac Efron
15.) Matthew Mitcham (out gay man)
16.) Adam Lambert (out gay man)
18.) Brad Pitt
24.) David Beckham
25.) Chad Allen (out gay man)
29.) Johnny Depp 
33.) Randy Harrison (out gay man)
36.) Robert Gant (out gay man)
38.) Russell Tovey (out gay man)
39.) President Barack Obama
42.) Justin Timberlake
43.) John Krasinski (Jim, The Office)
45.) Darryl Stephens (out gay man)
46.) Daniel Leary (out gay man)
62.) Nick Adams (out gay man)
73.) George Clooney
77.) Jude Law
82.) Dustin Lance Black (out gay man, Milk)
91.) Ryan Phillipe
95.) Ashton Kutcher
97.) Jason Mraz

AfterElton also highlighted the hottest men of color from the list:

1.) Taye Diggs
2.) Darryl Stephens
3.) Jensen Atwood
4.) Shemar Moore 
5.) Tyson Beckford
6.) Will Smith
7.) President Barack Obama
8.) Wilson Cruz
9.) Mario Lopez
10.) Blair Underwood

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