Carrie Prejean press conference parody

I had yet to see a good Miss California Carrie Prejean parody, but I found a wonderful one today on YouTube. It is a spoof of Prejean’s press conference yesterday after Donald Trump, owner of the Miss Universe organization, announced Prejean would be keeping her title. The parody speech is eerily similar to the actual one and really doesn’t deviate much until the end. Here are some awesome quotes:

Prejean has been receiving support “from people who understand what it is like to be criticized and ridiculed and mocked for holding bigoted views.”

“My view is shared with President Obama and the secretary of state, and therefore I am right.”

Prejean’s grandfather, a war veteran, taught her to “never backdown and never let people take freedoms from me, which is why I will not back down in my fight to take away freedoms from gay people.”

“If you see someone speaking up for equality, don’t be afraid to oppose it,” and “Always remember to tell them ‘no offense’ because that makes it all okay.”

Wow. When is someone going to pie her in the face so we can move on already?

Miss California Carrie Prejean original press conference.

Miss California Carrie Prejean press conference parody.

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5 thoughts on “Carrie Prejean press conference parody

  1. these ppl are soo obviously frustrated…it just goes to show that there are stupid people on both sides of the debate..this video wasn’t even funny…it’s just full of hate.. 😛

  2. Well just goes to show, the gay activists are nothing more than social terrorists who will stop at nothing to shove their views right down our throats! Never have there been a group of more hypocritical people on this planet. They cry foul of Carrie Prejean’s honest comments and yet they swoon over the pathetic gutless wonder and self important jerkoff Perez Hilton after he did the same thing to her to originally start this rubbish! Maybe all you intolerant pathetic wannbee self important idiots should wake up to yourselves and get a life! Carrie Prejean showed more class in these past few weeks than you could ever possibly hope to show in an entire lifetime!

    • They are “social terrorists” because they will stop at nothing to attain equal rights? Are they shoving their views down others’ throats because they are trying to attain rights? Carrie Prejean has not shown class. Making it seem like it is okay to be prejudice against people, even going so far as to work against their bid for equality, all because you say “Well, that’s just how I was raised.” is not right. If she were up there saying “Well, I’m sorry. I just don’t think black people should have the same rights as white people. No offense.” EVERYONE would have jumped all over her, as they should. Luckily for her she has decided to fight one of the most discriminated minorities in America.

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