The most ridiculous queer week ever

This has been the most ridiculous queer week ever. I mean really, so much as gone on, good and bad, that I felt the need to highlight them all.

AfterEllen and AfterElton both announced their Hot 100 for 2009, the Maxim-style reader rankings, with Portia de Rossi coming in at number one for the ladies and Neil Patrick Harris as the most sought after man.

Wanda Sykes and wife Alex welcomed twins into the world.

Adam Lambert, a suspected gay man – at least, that is what the evidence suggests – is now a finalist on American Idol.

Adam Lambert strikes the gayest pose known to man. Photo from (M.Becker/American Idol/Getty Images). for FOX

Adam Lambert strikes the gayest pose known to man. Photo from (M.Becker/American Idol/Getty Images). for FOX

Shanna Moakler resigned as the co-executive director of the Miss California USA pageant this week in response to the announcement that Carrie Prejean will be keeping her crown.

From FOX News: “I cannot with a clear conscious move forward supporting and promoting the Miss Universe Organization when I no longer believe in it, or the contracts I signed committing myself as a youth,” she said. “I want to be a role model for young [women] with high hopes of pageantry, but now feel it more important to be a role model for my children. I am sorry and hope I have not let any young supporters down but wish them the best of luck in fulfilling their dreams.
If Moakler, a former beauty queen, former reality TV star and former wife of Travis Barker of Blink-182, cannot believe in the integrity Miss Universe pageant anymore, who can?

Also, in response to Prejean’s continued work with the National Organization for Marriage, Moakler will be doing a pro-gay marriage PSA in California.

In other Prejean news, everyone’s favorite GILF Sarah Palin came to the defense of Prejean, beauty queen to beauty queen. “I can relate as a liberal target myself,” Palin said in a statement. Why exactly does Palin always talk about the liberal media? The media isn’t really all that liberal to begin with.

The New Hamphire governor promised to signed gay marriage into law if the bill strengthens protections for churches with objections. 

The New York Assembly passed a gay marriage bill.

The Florida Court of Appeals voted to recognize same-sex couple adoptions from other states.

Anyway, Equality Ohio held it’s Lobby Day 2009 event on Wednesday, with over 300 volunteers from across the state. Next year’s Lobby Day will be May 19, 2010.

Also in Ohio, the Equal Housing and Employment Act was introduced in the House this week. It had a record number of cosponsors – more than a quarter of the House – and the bill was assigned to the State Government Committee, the one supporters asked for. EHEA is expected to be voted out of committee during June, and a copy of the legislation can be seen here.

Cincinnati Guerrilla Queer Bar held it’s Share The Love event, where the organizer picks an under-utilized queer bar for the queers to go to on every third Friday of the month, was held last night at Little Bit Bar in Clifton.

Kathy Y. Wilson will be performing Negro Tour Guide tonight at the University of Cincinnati in the Tangeman University Center in the MainStreet Cinema at 6 p.m. The performance is a look at race and gender in Cincinnati.

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3 thoughts on “The most ridiculous queer week ever

  1. you said the media isn’t that liberal?

    That means you are left of Karl Marx

    I am sick of all you queers ganging up on everyone who has at least a vestige of morals

  2. Meanwhile, no one seems to notice or care that Nevada passed two pieces of legislation: a statewide domestic partner program and a public accommodation nondiscrimination bill (sadly, not trans inclusive). The governor is expected to veto the former and has yet to comment on the latter.

  3. ngoldfarb,

    The bizarre definition of morality used by the religious right is certainly something I try to avoid.

    Personally I think enshrining inequality into law is immoral. I think hurting people is (generally) immoral. And I think divorcing questions of good and evil from questions of human suffering (as all religions do) inevitably leads to gross immorality.

    The USA is a country with a right-wing party in power, and a very very right-wing party in second place.

    I’m liberal. What are you, illiberal?


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