9-year-old plans marriage equality rally

An elementary school student decided to hold a marriage equality rally in Denver over the weekend with a turnout of over 200 supporters. The 9-year-old Ethan asked his math teacher Kyle Kimmal if he could hold a rally for equal marriage rather than do mathematics independent project. 

“I thought, ‘These kids [his students], in front of the school on a Friday afternoon.’ I was really wrong,” said Kimmal in reference to the high attendance in a video of the rally.

Ethan spoke on the steps of the capitol building in Denver and was also joined by Mindy Barton, legal director at the LGBT Center’s Legal Initiatives Project.

Ethan speaks at the Denver Marriage Equality Rally

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3 thoughts on “9-year-old plans marriage equality rally

  1. this is adorable. I wonder what his experience with queers is? like does he have queer family members that he learned about this stuff from, bc he has a lot of knowledge about all this activist stuff for a little kid.

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