NOM critical of NH governor’s decision


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 In a press release, the National Organization for Marriage announced their distain for New Hampshire Gov. John Lynch who indicated last week that he would sign an equal marriage bill into law if certain religious concessions were made. Here is the organization’s rebuttal (WARNING: The press release is littered with inaccuracies and blatant falsehoods): 

“The National Organization for Marriage expressed dismay that Gov. John Lynch has signaled his intention to break his often-stated word to voters that he opposes gay marriage, and said Lynch’s proposed religious liberty language is an attempt to make a bad idea feel better. Brian Brown, Executive Director of NOM, stated the following:

‘Gov. John Lynch has repeatedly promised voters that he opposes same-sex marriage. When he signed the civil union legislation into law, he told people, “I still think marriage is between a man and a woman.” Voters believed him, but now he claims that he must look at the issue through a broader lens than being a man of his word. This so-called lens is really just weasel words to explain away why he is breaking his word to voters. It is really unfortunate that he is proving himself to be just another politician who cannot keep his promises. Unfortunately, New Hampshire children and families will pay the price for this betrayal.

‘We hope that the New Hampshire legislature will not approve same-sex marriage, even with Gov. Lynch’s proposed language to provide some protections to religious groups. The fact is that legalized gay marriage is a bad idea that has profound implications for society that go way beyond religious liberty concerns. Gov. Lynch’s language does nothing to protect New Hampshire children from being taught in school that gay marriage is just the same as marriage. That is exactly what happened over the state line in Massachusetts. His language does nothing to stop schools from taking young children to celebrate a lesbian wedding, as happened in California. His language does nothing to protect photographers and other professionals from being fined because they refuse to participate in something they morally oppose, as happened in New Mexico. Nor does it protect medical professionals who object to procedures like artificial insemination of a lesbian couple.

‘The people of New Hampshire should have the opportunity to decide the future of marriage for themselves. The legislature should let the people vote directly on a state constitutional amendment defining marriage as the union of one man and one woman. Thirty other states have allowed their voters to decide this issue. Gov. Lynch and the legislature should not disenfranchise the citizens of New Hampshire. Let them decide this issue for themselves.’”


At the end of these releases there is always a person’s contact information to set up an interview with NOM. I should really do that one day.

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