Adam Lambert shockingly loses “Idol”


Kris Allen wins American Idol, as Adam Lambert looks on. Photo from

Kris Allen wins American Idol, as Adam Lambert looks on. Photo from

To be honest, I was surprised Adam Lambert made it as far as he did, because, you know, those pesky photos of him kissing guys is a PR nightmare. Lambert was the favorite to be named American Idol, but at the last minute, an all-American, Jesus-loving boy next door came in and stole the crown. (And who steals a crown from a queen who is that flaming?) 

I read an article by Jim David from The Huffington Post, and I think he is right: Homophobia won out on this one. Lambert was over the top and theatrical (read: ridiculously gay acting), yet he still made it to the top 2, and he was the favorite to win and he should of won, if the contest were based on just singing.
American Idol is about the total package, and obviously America doesn’t want one that is gay.
But I suppose Lambert did win something of value: His version of “Mad World” beat out Kris Allen’s version of “Ain’t No Sunshine” on the iTunes charts. Sales, now that’s what really matters.

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8 thoughts on “Adam Lambert shockingly loses “Idol”

  1. You should be flogged!!!! It is this kind of hatred that leads to divisions in our country and leads and others to war. Wake up!!! Being GAY is NOT WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Bullshit, being gay couldn’t possibly be more wrong! If you’re a homo, keep it to yourself and stop making it a parade theme. Your sexual practices are abnormal and you should seek help…see a shrink, or swallow a bullet.

  2. who should be flogged? I am sure Jamie knows being gay is not wrong, since she is writing a blog about all things queer.

  3. I knew this would be a problem when I got curious about that Vote For The Worst site and saw the photos of Adam kissing guys, but I didn’t think it would cost him the win. I didn’t think this country was still so hell-bent on having squeaky clean idols like Kris, but there you have it. In terms of record sales, Adam will run circles around Kris and laugh all the way to the bank.

  4. I don’t think that it is as simple as Adam’s sexuality. Almost 40 percent of the votes came from Kris’ home state. That would mean that every man, woman, child, newborn baby and elderly person in a nursing home in Arkansas would have had to vote 13 times each. Every one. It certainly seems like there was some technological insurance going on to ensure that Kris would win. Once again, a very small number of people with very big voices are making the rules.

  5. All you fag lovers should be flogged!!!!! Except you pervs would probably enjoy it.
    I’m glad Fagbert lost because he’s a transvestite, drag queen, bitch fagot.
    He is not an American Idol….more of an American Disgrace!!!!!
    Power to the people!!!!!
    Fagots need to understand that their behavior is perverse and not normal. I have nothing against them, however, society has no responsibility to incorporate perverted man – man dick sucking, ass-licking and butt fucking. It’s sick. Fags have a right to be Fags just as thiefs have a right to be theifs and alcoholics have a right to be alcoholics…’s a choice they make

  6. HOMOPHOBIA DID NOT WIN…..It was righteousness that won… American does not want a transvestite, drag queen, bitch fagot representing us as an American Idol…. Adam was an American Disgrace…..
    Adam could have won if he wasn’t such a poser…. He tried to hide his true identity through the whole contest even to the point that he wanted to be perceived as a sex symbol to young women, milf’s and cougars.
    People saw through his facade and voted with their conscience.
    Fag’s need to take a step back into the closet where they belong…their ways are definitely wrong and perverted.

    Power to the People!!!!

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