UC’s discussion of diversity is hilarious

The News Record is reporting that the University of Cincinnati Presidential Search Committee addressed the ideal qualities it is looking for in a presidential candidate, and of course diversity was at the forefront of the committee’s criteria. Skip West, a member of the committee, suggested adding the inclusion of racial and gender diversity to be more inclusive. 

Some members liked the wording, but others like Valerie Hardcastle, Dean of McMicken College, said “It’s good, but it will offend the LGBT community.”

UC Diversity Council clearly also wants an emphasis on racial diversity.

According to a summary of meeting minutes, “The emphasis on diversity should be to the [black] community which is the largest and most influential minority at the University of Cincinnati and at the city of Cincinnati.”

I find this interesting, because by gender diversity they mean “let’s add more biological women to the university,” and by racial diversity they mean “let’s add more black people to the university.” 

And because UC is focusing on predominately race and gender, all other identities are ignored and intersectionality is thrown out the window.

UC just cares about the numbers. (That statement can be applied to most institutions actually.) It doesn’t matter how diverse everything actually is, they just want to be able to show off how diverse they are by adding a few people of color. It’s kind of like some sort of collection. I can just see Mitch Livingston, chief diversity officer and vice president of student affairs, telling other universities and boards things like: “Oh look, we have 3 black male professors here and a white woman over here and an Asian woman over here.  Hey, that’s two for one!” 

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2 thoughts on “UC’s discussion of diversity is hilarious

  1. They aren’t focusing on racial and gender diversity they are focusing on women and black people.
    I dont know what to make of that one woman’s comment about how it is going to offend the LGBTQ community. Is she basing this off of a stereotype that we like to get upset about little things? Is she assuming that we dont also endorse “racial” and “gender” diversity?
    I dont know, I just dont appreciate her comment much

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