Brother Micah protest planned at UC


Brother Micah is confronted by a UC student. Photo from

Brother Micah is confronted by a UC student. Photo from

Every spring and fall the University of Cincinnati receives an unwelcome guest in the form of Brother Micah Armstrong. The herald of Christianity (apparently) explains to everyone how they are going to Hell. And when I say everyone, I mean everyone: Catholics, homosexuals, members of Greek life, he doesn’t discriminate. He is kind of the the Westboro Baptist Church (God hates fags) as even religious people think he is crazy.

A crowd taunts him everyday day he preaches and it is rumored that he makes money by filing lawsuits against colleges that refuse to let him speak because it violates his freedom of speech or because someone ends up getting physical with him.

A group of students is fed up with this nuisance and has decided to protest Brother Micah on Monday, June 1, at McMicken Commons from 12 p.m. to 3 p.m. Come dressed as a genderbender and bring your rainbow flags.

For a taste of Brother Micah’s sermons click here.

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8 thoughts on “Brother Micah protest planned at UC

  1. It is also a rumor that he makes his money by lawsuits with people he antagonizes to the point that they get physical with him.

    • This is not true. He never presses charges against people who attack him. He just uses his attackers as examples of things he says about college students being true.

    • Well good job spreading that rumor. Real mature. It is definitely not true. Micah Armstrong never presses charges against people who are stupid enough to meet speech with violence against him (although I wish he would).

  2. believe it or not, this guy wasn’t even welcome at the university of georgia. he and a number of like-minded folk graced our campus during the fall semester to spread their message to a wide audience of folks who just wanted to get wasted and watch football. they rail against “strong women,” “effeminate academics,” and, i believe one sign said, “nose pickers.”

    i couldn’t decide which was worse – them, or the anti-abortion protesters who put up two-story pictures of aborted fetuses.

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  4. He is sincere in what he preaches, though he may be sincerly wrong. I will not judge what he preaches is right or wrong, however the issues that he picks up annoys everyone and he rails it right at the face of his confronters. However, everybody is free to practice, preach and propagate what he believes and he’s making the best use of his right by keeping young students busy in between classes and break by giving them some really good laugh it really relieves them from the monotony of attending classes.

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