Canceled sit-in not a missed chance

Yesterday was originally planned as the sit-in, a response to an alleged anti-gay attack at Tabby’s Bar and Grill, and I didn’t get the news that it was canceled until I had already arrived. Well, we got there and I actually got to speak with the victim’s mother, family and friends, some of whom were there at the night of the attack. The owner of Tabby’s and his daughter even came over and spoke to us.

The family is very grateful for the community’s support and response to the attack. The victim’s mother gave out hugs and spoke very highly of us queers. (We really are making a difference, so keep up the good work.)

The owner of Tabby’s explained to us that this attack does not reflect his establishment and apologized to the victim’s mother; he was wearing white in solidarity with the planned sit-in. Signs like this one were posted throughout the bar.


Most of the people the owner spoke to said they didn’t really believe his statements. Local 12 did report trying to contact the owner several times without a response.

Police are still looking for two male suspects in connection with this case.

To participate in the sit-in, go to Tabby’s on Montgomery Road, on Tuesday, June 2, starting at 9 p.m.

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3 thoughts on “Canceled sit-in not a missed chance

  1. A god damn shame something like this has to happen. Hope they find the guys who did this and they are put away for a long time.

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