The Enquirer covers queer community

Wow. The Cincinnati Enquirer is really keeping up with the LGBT community. Two articles were posted: one on the last Cincinnati Guerrilla Queer Bar and another on the organizing around the response to the recent hate crime.

The CGQB story features interviews from Ethan Philbrick and myself, among others. It gives a very positive look at the Cincinnati queer community and is worth the read. The comments section is heating up quickly as well.

The other story chronicles the organizing after the recent hate crime and the upcoming sit-in. The author speaks to Chris Gilbert, one of the event organizers. My favorite quote from the story is, “The whole point is just getting out there and showing people that when things happen, we’re not going to be passive anymore. We’re going to be proactive and seek some change. People are ready to get up and do something. It’s a new generation. People aren’t afraid anymore,” from Gilbert.

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3 thoughts on “The Enquirer covers queer community

  1. So the enquirer article quotes an organizer of the peaceful protest who talks about how they are basically going to guerilla queer bar Tabby’s, and show up have a few drinks and hang out to make our presence known.
    I guess I understand this tactic and it would make sense if the bar and its management were being supportive and apologetic about the hate crime, but they are not. They are denying any responsibility for what happened at THEIR BAR.
    This is partly due to misinformation. Only a portion of Jamie’s post about the canceled sit in is being quoted in articles. Yes the manager made an apology but it was very heartless and defensive. He did not take responsibility for what happened at his bar, he simply said that he wanted gay people to be welcome and this did not reflect their establishment. Upon hearing Ronnie’s name he looked confused and had to be reminded that Ronnie was the person who was attacked, and he is protecting the people that attacked and harassed Ronnie and his friends.
    This is not the type of establishment that we queers should be giving our money and business to. We queers should be showing up and sitting in; making our presence known without supporting a business that protects our attackers.

  2. Well, at least it was written pretty well and they didn’t confuse everything like most reporters do when they write about us.

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