Ohio EHEA hears proponent testimony

The Ohio Equal Housing and Employment Act heard supporter testimony today. As of now, there are over 44 secured yes votes in the Ohio House.

The following people gave there testimony today:

Lynne Bowman the Executive Director of Equality Ohio
Michael Payton the Executive Director of Ohio Civil Rights Commission
Bishop Ough of the Western Ohio Conference of the United Methodist Church
Jimmie Beall delivered a  personal story
Ron Templin spoke on behalf of Cardinal Health
Jim McCarthy Executive Director of Miami Valley Fair Housing Association
Mayor Warren Copeland of Springfield, Ohio 

The testimonies were delivered to a packed house, and it was standing room only. To read the complete testimonies visit Do What’s Right Ohio.

The Akron Beacon Journal printed an editorial in support of EHEA, the only paper in the state to do so.

Opponent testimony will be heard Wednesday, June 10.

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