Bible-based marriage finally explained

Betty Bowers from OMGtv, America’s best Christian, explains what traditional marriage is according to the Bible, and all of the creative definitions of it, including King Solomon and his 700 wives and 300 concubines. It’s extremely entertaining and disspells most of the religious crap used to define traditional marriage.

Betty Bower explains Bible-based marriage

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7 thoughts on “Bible-based marriage finally explained

  1. Fools make a joke of sin
    Will not believe
    It carries such a dagger in its sleeve.

    How can it be say they
    That such a thing
    So full of sweetness could ever have a sting.

    They know not that it is the very spell
    Of Sin
    That makes men laugh themselves to Hell.

    To play with God’s word is utter ignorance and God will tolerate such foolishness all the way to the grave. On the other side of the grave you will find he is not so cordial toward those mocking Him and his commandments! There he will be your judge and you will bow before him in all his holiness. purity and power with fear and trembling as he passes judgment upon you. Repent now while you can. There is no salvation beyond the grave. Refuse and you choose the consequences of that choice and will have nobody to blame but yourself.

  2. every one is entitled to their own oppinion. you can have six different people read the bible and get six different interpretations. this video is her interpretation of the bible and its meanings. you just have to be strong in your beliefs, if its in a god, or the belief that there is no such thing as God, and make your own choices.

    this isnt high school where they hand feed you everything for that exam, this is life, use the brain you have and figgure out your beliefs!

  3. Rather humorous look at it. I’ve found that most real Christians have the same MO as this woman: pick verses from the bible to justify whatever you want regardless of logic, morals, other people or other verses in that same bible. Yet what happens mostly is that most Christians get totally disturbed by even the slightest nuance of “blasphemy”, but they happily laugh at crude muslim jokes, they discriminate against jews, think meditation is a tool of the devil, view gay people as abominations, and so forth. The only thing we can ever change in this world is our own minds.

  4. Zulu – Your ignorance of real Christians is very obvious, and probably as obvious as your lack of knowledge of the Bible.

    You are also devoid of logic simply because you are foolish enough to classify people in a group which is stereotyping – not using logic. Your total lack of objectivity and lack of restraint in your assessment of others shows you are more guilty than “most Christians,” as you say, proves you to be devoid of wisdom and just another person who loves to spout off your opinion without backing it up with facts.

    This real Christian is offended by your lack of respect for the beliefs of others and your obvious preference for the foolish rants of non-Christians who support your bias. Perhaps if and when you ever get past that your comments will carry some weight and importance. Until then – rant on! No truly intelligent person will regard your speeches as of an great relevance. With respect for your right to express ignorance and intolerance –

    A Real Christian

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