Lesbian and gay rights internationally

The International Gay and Lesbian Association has produced a map of the rights of gay and lesbian people across the world. Canada, Sweden, Norway and South Africa come out on top, joined by a few others.

Twenty-three countries and 26 entities recognize some sort of same-sex union, and 52 countries and 38 entities have some sort of anti-discrimination law; however, 72 countries and 3 entities have imprisonment laws, and 5 countries and parts of Nigeria and Somalia punish homosexuality with death.

Picture 15For a better look at the map, please click here.

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3 thoughts on “Lesbian and gay rights internationally

  1. When will some people in this world get over their own selfishness. I’m a straight guy, but I wish only the best for all kinds of people. It’s frustrating to hear some countries inflict death for being homosexual. These same countries mentioned seem to live in the stone age. Education is what most are lacking, but some won’t even allow their children to be taught “other” ways. So they are unfortunately stuck in a cycle that could possibly last for many years to come. Peace to all. It’s really not so hard.

  2. If homosexuality exsists all around the world and they say that god does not like homosexuals,Then why are there so many of us?People need to get over themselves and litteraly stop trying to convert gays to hat they want them to be.The phelps are the most hated anti gay wierodo’s the world has ever faced.Saying god hates fags and all that no sense but do they realize that if god didnt want gays around we wouldnt be here?gays are not exsistant by choice,it is simply who we are.Denying us the right to marry who WE choose isnt going to change the fact that we will forever and always have been here in the world.If it is described in the bible than its as old as god himself,and to sit there and say that god hates something HE “Created” is simply horse shit.If he’s as all powerful as everyone loves to believe him to be than why does he even allow to be what he so colorfully hates in the bible?it’s a sin is it?so is mixing fabrics and who listens to that crap?My way of seeings is,If it exsists than its meant to,like it or not its just how things are and saying its an abomination and we’re going to hell for being true to thyne own sleves,then hey,I got front seat to hell.I will not comprimise who i am just to conform to anyones way of thinking or being,i as a gay man am also not trying to rewrite anything as so many claim gays intend to do by seeking equal marriaage rights.All we simply want to do is love who our hearts beat for.Spend our lives with someone by our side that we have chosen as suiters for ourselves.Makeing a mockery out of marriage they say?Divorce is makeing a mockery out of tha santicty of marriage,to love and to hold till death do us part?my ass.If a person decides that a relationship with some with someone of the same sex is what truely makes them,us,me happy,than why does my joy and devotion have to be left up to the people?Once i get married No one but my LOVED ones will attend my wedding and reception,to those that arent invited its because i dont know you, and you dont need to know me to knwo that i am in love with a man myself being a man,and I want to carry his name after mine because thats what love is all about.If marriage and happiness is about what god wants,than how many of you out there can say you are living your life how you feel you should live it.Mind your own damn buisness and if it doesnt affect you keep your opinionated arrogance to your self.Just because we want to get married married doesnt me your invited.People say they want to preserve the sancity of marriage than ba n divorce,like wanda sykes said.Stick and stones may break som ebones but names will never stop gays from ebing who they were meant to be.Why even categorize it,it isnt about gays wanting marriage its about people willingly entering into a commitment of love and trust till death do us part.isnt it all it should be about is love?not gender race or religion?If you love someone dont let them go becuase of religion or race.Our emotions as humans will always prevail over prejudice and discrimination.The sooner we learn that love shouldnt be voted on by anyone or shund because of what sex the couple is,take as step back and say to yourselves.Its all about love.SO why is it being voted on or talked about as if it were som ehuge crime that two people want to embrace one another and love and honore one another for ever and ever?

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