Danica Patrick cross-dressing ad debate

The Gay & Lesbian Issues Examiner is reporting that a new Danica Patrick commercial for Boost mobile features a cross-dressing pit crew for the racing star. Of course these men stumble in high heels and wear the same tiny outfit that Patrick sports, but the whole commercial is utterly ridiculous and a facsimile of actual cross-dressing. 

In the commercial Patrick asks, “What? You think this is wrong?” in reference to the cross-dressing pit crew, and then goes on to say paying to much for phone service is too. An announcer then says, “Boost – unwronged.” Because of course any gender variation is wrong.

This is surprising coming from a woman in a male-dominated sport: Her gender has always been at the forefront when discussing her because there are so few women in racing. But I suppose one oppressed group doesn’t always support another.

Danica Patrick Boost Mobile ad

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4 thoughts on “Danica Patrick cross-dressing ad debate

  1. This commercial doesn’t even make sense. Why are these men poorly dressed as women? Why would they even do that?

    But Danica Patrick is hot.

  2. far stretch guys… stop trying to make everything seem like people are attacking you personally. Deal with it. Political correctness is getting way to carried away…

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