W. Va. court awards child to gay couple

The shining beacon of liberal values, West Virginia, has ruled in favor of a same-sex couple – Kathryn Kutil and Cheryl Hess – in a custody battle at the state’s Supreme Court level, The Hunting Herald-Dispatch is reporting. The couple is an 18-month-old’s foster parents, but their custody was contested and Fayette County Circuit Judge Paul Blake Jr. ordered that the child be placed up for adoption so as a heterosexual couple may adopt them.

It was noted by the Supreme Court that there was no reason to believe the girl wasn’t thriving with Hess and Kutil, and said there was no legal reason to take her away from the couple.

“As a matter of fact, the court was never presented with any actual evaluation of the home or evidence of the quality of the relationship” the girl had with Kutil and Hess, the justices said. “All indications thus far are that (the girl) has formed a close emotional bond and nurturing relationship with her foster parents, which can not be trivialized or ignored.”

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2 thoughts on “W. Va. court awards child to gay couple

  1. i thought i heard something at one point about this case being used as a precedence for future cases. like it was going to make its way up through the courts and make a widespread impact. am i right here or am i crazy?

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