Maddow calls out Obama on DADT

Rachel Maddow took on President Barack Obama on her show yesterday, highlighting the hypocrisy between his campaign promises to the LGBT community and his lack of followthrough. The video was sparked after the U.S. Supreme Court decided not to hear a case about Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. Maddow makes many excellent points by playing instances of Obama making the promises and what he has actually been doing.

The video also references a Gallup Poll on Americans and DADT. The results are pretty surprising.
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Maddow explains that 13,000 Americans have been discharged because they were LGBT. That means 13,000 skilled and willing to serve people are not allowed to due to their sexual orientation.

The entire segment can be viewed here. The last two minutes kind of drag, but the rest is well worth watching. 

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2 thoughts on “Maddow calls out Obama on DADT

  1. Don’t Ask, Don’t TELL. Tell being they keyword there. First of all, if they are IN the military and are LGBT, then they lied on forms they had to fill out to join, something the Government can technically try them for and dishonerably boot them from service.

    The questions that arise from what to do with LGBT people is the problem. Currently men and women are housed separately on base. Where do you put the LGBT? Do you spend tax money that could be used for better purposes on NEW housing for a very small percentage of the military?

    What about front line combat? Women aren’t aloud there, do you allow women who sex changed? Do you allow men who sex changed? Do you allow feminine gay men? One of the reasons you don’t have women on the front line, is because relationships are bound to form, which inhibits the ability to preform your duty to the fullest of your extent. Two gay men will experience the same thing, which is why the military tries their best to keep intimate relationships from forming in combat situations, hence keeping women off the front line.

    Honestly, I’m not anti-lgbt in any shape or form. What people choose to do, or how they are born, is none of my concern. If you’re in the Military and LGBT, i have a big hint for you… DON’T SAY ANYTHING. That’s really the only rule the military has if your are LGBT and currently enlisted or commissioned. I’m sorry but if you get caught because your opened your mouth and said something about being LGBT and in the military, then should have known what was coming, accepted it, and moved on. No reason to cause a big fuss about an issue that effects such a small amount of people, because the money spent could be better spent in other places, such as to the men who actually need it, who are on the front lines, dying overseas.

    • That is such a ridiculous argument. ASK would be another key word, implying that, no, those people did not lie on any forms.

      As for your comments regarding housing and combat, you really are naive if you think these things are relevant. Other countries let LGBT people serve openly and have not had issues. I suggest you learn about those cases, and think about how ridiculous it is to worry over placing gay soldiers in quarters with straight soldiers and whatnot.

      You are also naive if you think dismissals only occur when soldiers come out or that it is something LGBT people should have to hide. Think about the conversations that soldiers have all the time. Plenty of men can speak casually about their sex lives without any issue, for instance, but gay men are expected to hide and lie. Being in the closet is no fun; ask any LGBT person you know. Besides that, dismissal on the grounds of homosexual conduct can happen for all kinds of reasons with questionable evidence, and the soldier has to prove that they are innocent, not the other way around. Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty?

      As for a small number of people being affected, first of all, this shouldn’t be an issue. It is a dishonorable discharge when this happens, which is rather unfair and ridiculous. Additionally, a huge portion of the people who have been dismissed were specialists in languages such as Arabic. These are people who are clearly valuable, but who they happen to sleep with somehow has a bearing on the job they can perform for our country. Not to mention that our military is stretched thin. We have troops in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and all over the world. We could be looking at sending more troops to South Korea if Kim Jong-Il makes good on some of his recent threats. If people are willing to serve our country and are capable of doing so, then why should whether or not they are queer matter?

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