Ohio EHEA hears opponent testimony

On Wednesday, June 10, the Ohio House held opponent testimony for the state’s Equal Housing and Employment act. A total of eight people testified, including representatives from Concerned Women for America, Citizens for Community Values, Institute for Principled Policy and Mission America.

The testimony focused on a few key arguments:

Homosexuality is a choice, so it shouldn’t be protected.
Homosexuality is a behavior, so it shouldn’t be protected.
Homosexuals don’t meet the three U.S. Supreme Court criteria for civil rights protection (economically disadvantaged, immutable characteristic, politically powerless), so they shouldn’t be protected.
Protections for homosexuals violate my religious freedoms, so they shouldn’t be protected.

For the complete transcripts of opponent testimony visit DoWhatsRightOhio.com.

Some of the people testifying were asked if they believed people should be fired based upon their sexual orientation, and some answered yes, but others said no, citing qualifications and experience as more important.

The final hearings will be Wednesday, June 17. 

Also, the Springfield News-Sun, has written an interesting editorial on the issue. To view it, click here.

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2 thoughts on “Ohio EHEA hears opponent testimony

  1. This is ridiculous, I cant believe that these things were considered appropriate for a courtroom. How could someone possibly think that it is okay to fire someone based on their sexual orientation.

    I always think it is so funny how we are forced to try to defend homosexuality as something innate because the people against us try to tell us that it is a choice.
    But isnt this a free country where we have the right to pursue happiness and do the things that we want? So shouldnt we be protected no matter what choices we make?

    Not saying that homosexuality is a choice. I just think it is irrelevant whether its innate or a choice, our choices and behaviors should be protected just the same.

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