Letter from reader to KRXQ and reply

Recently, the hosts of “Rob, Arnie & Dawn in the Morning” radio show made inappropriate remarks regarding transgender children going as far as advocating child abuse against this kids (And I would like to point out that if they were talking about “normal” kids, everyone would be upset about them and not say that the hosts were just expressing their freedom of speech.).

Here is a letter from a reader of this blog and the response from the vice president of KRXQ-FM:

To Mr. John Greary, Vice President of KRXQ-FM –

I was very troubled to hear of the statements made by radio hosts Rob and Arnie on your station. Their statements and attitudes about transgender children were extremely hateful and showed their ignorance very clearly. I do not know why a radio show would allow two uneducated and culturally out-of-touch people to publicly speak and represent KRXQ-FM. If Rob and Arnie paid any attention to current events they would be aware that bigotry is no longer in style, and lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender issues are coming to the attention of the mainstream public. Whether the views Rob and Arnie expressed were their personal beliefs or not, hatred like that should not be permitted. 

I do not understand why these men are willing to condone violence against children but not condone their children stepping out of their expected gender roles that were randomly assigned to them at birth based on their genitalia. Not only were their views about transgender children inconsiderate, inaccurate and hateful but the their threats of child abuse (“I would probably hit him with one of my shoes. I would throw a shoe at him.”) should not be permitted on public radio. I just hope that no one has already called Child Protective Services on these men.

I do hope that you enforce what the public is currently demanding: an on-air apology from these ignorant men for their inappropriate and hateful commentary. If you have any hope of the continued success of your radio show I am sure you realize the importance of such an apology. And I am sure that you now see the importance of your office undergoing some sort of diversity training that includes education about lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender topics, so that your staff ceases making uneducated and hateful commentary that will no longer be accepted by the American public.

Thank you for your time,
Emma Southard


Thank you for your feedback regarding the May 28, and June 3, broadcasts of “The Rob, Arnie and Dawn Show.” I understand the seriousness of the issue, and I want to share with you a copy of a notice that has been posted on our website, www.krxq.net.


During these shows, Rob and Arnie made what we, and they, recognize were completely unacceptable remarks concerning members of the transgender community, especially children. Accordingly, this June 11, the show will be dedicated to what we anticipate will be a forum to promote a better understanding among all listeners of the issues involved.


John D. Geary

Vice President / General Manager

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One thought on “Letter from reader to KRXQ and reply

  1. Lame.

    I don’t think the apologies were sincere. I’m glad that they attempted at an educational forum, at some point, and I’m happy to see the 10-some major corporate advertisers that showed their solidarity in the LGBT movement by pulling their advertising, but I have no doubt that Rob Williams & Arnie States will go back to making ignorant comments and degrading women.

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