Cincinnati Pride day 2: phenomenal

The second day of Cincinnati Pride was significantly better, even though we had to battle the rain. The day was kicked off by the parade that ran from Burnett Woods to Hoffner Park. And the amount of people in attendance was astounding: I had no idea there were so many queers in Cincinnati! Where are you all the rest of the year? The parade was huge and filled with kings, queens, organizations, mostly naked people and, of course, rainbows.

Here is a slideshow of everything (Sorry to do this to you, but I had over 62 pictures to use.), and the bulk of my coverage can be seen in it:

To see these photos in a different format, click here.

Here is a video of the parade from in front of Bullfishes.

Queen City Rainbow Band performs during the Cincinnati Pride parade.

Parade performers at Cincinnati Pride.

As for the performers, the Lixgood Family rocked the house. They killed it with their numbers, and even incorporated the adorable Lixgood Jr.s, who performed “Soulja Boy.” And the interpreter was hilarious to watch, because she got down with performers. The crowd loved their performances and the troupe is one not to miss.

Lixgood Family rocks to Missy Elliot at Cincinnati Pride

Lixgood Jr.s perform “Soulja Boy” at Cincinnati Pride

God-des and She also played at Pride this year. They were put on a good show and had a range of songs that goes way beyond the performance everyone saw on The L Word during Shane and Carmen’s wedding. Of course everyone went crazy for “Lick It,” (you should have seen the interpreter sign that song) but other tracks, like a melancholy song about being queer, showed that there is more to the pair.

God-des and She sing about the realities of being queer 

God-des and She teaches the crowd how to “Lick It” at Cincinnati Pride

The Black Mondays also performed a few numbers for the crowd. Here is a taste:

The Black Mondays wow the crowd with some George Michael

Overall, this years Pride was amazing. But I haven’t had enough. This weekend I am hitting up Columbus and Cleveland Prides.

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6 thoughts on “Cincinnati Pride day 2: phenomenal

  1. OMG!!! Thank u sooooo very much for the shout outs & covering MY FAMILY 🙂 Just came acroos your site tonight. We had a blast entertaining the crowd.

    Much Love, Maxx Lixgood & Family

  2. Jamie thanks so much for the coverage! That weekend was awesome, and I love your take on things!!

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  4. — is there still an active Cincinnati Drag Kings Society? I am interested in this, but all I can find is a dead web page. If there is someone I could contact, I would really appreciate the information!

    Doji B.

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