Jones: Meet on the Mall for Equality

n88564194359_578Cleve Jones, a gay rights activist who worked alongside Harvey Milk and started the AIDS quilt, called for a national march on Washington for Oct. 11. While there has been great opposition to this move – the National Mall is already booked, Congress isn’t in session – it appears that the rally is marching right along.

According to Joe. My. God., Jones has confirmed that he has a permit for the location, and Jones states that, “This will not be a three day mulit-media spectacular. Most of the hundreds of protests I’ve organized cost nothing. We will have a minimal stage, a sound system, and enough port-a-potties for the crowd. That’s it. We won’t be flying in celebrities and putting them up in fancy hotels. This will be a two hour march, then a two hour rally, and then sending everybody home to their congressional districts to organize for 2010.”

For those opposed, Jones does have a lot of clout when it comes to queer activism, but if the community divides on this one, it could spell disaster for the movement. This because it looks like Jones is doing this no matter what and this is shaping up to be a monster of an event. Low attendance could send a message that the queer community doesn’t need to be sending right now.

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